Friday, November 26, 2010

For Our Pawrents

We LOVE Christmas! We cannot wait for Christmas! We get all sorts of awesome stuff and Santa visits us at our house and out grandparents' house! Yay for Santa and Yay for Christmas!!

We know Christmas is not just about getting... duh. Otherwise no one would get any presents. haha! So, we have thought long and hard about what to get our parents and we have decided on... (drum roll please)

A king size bed!!!! That's right!! We are squished in our current queen size bed and Dad is always grumping at us about being in the way (he claims he does not do this...) and Mom gets mad cause we're on her pillow. So, we think this is the PERFECT solution! We even heard Mom say once that if we had a king size bed we could have our own pillow at the top of the bed to put our heads on. We are so excited.

We know, we know, this sounds selfish. We're picking a gift that benefits us, but it's only fair. They give us gifts that benefit them. I mean, what Doxie wants a leash? How many new collars can one Doxie need?? So, we feel that this is the perfect gift. It makes our parents happy and us happy all at the same time. Great idea!


  1. I think a King size bed sound good! We are also all snug in a Queen size bed so maybe we can order one of those also.
    Your Friends

  2. What a good idea, then every buddy will have room on the bed. BOL
    Benny & Lily