Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Question for Small Dogs and Moms

We're wondering how many of you live in a house with stairs? Can you use the stairs? We have always heard stairs and Doxies don't mix, so we're wondering how you live in houses with stairs. Does your Mom have to carry you?

On to some exciting news... next week is our BIRTHDAY!!! We were born 4 years ago on April 9th, 2007! Here's us with our brother as puppies...


  1. What cute puppie babies you were! We don't really have stairs and I'm built differently, so we can't help you there.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Hi! My two doxies have always lived in a house with stairs. Meadow is my little peanut - she weights about 8 pounds and I tend to carry her up and down stairs. She can do it just fine, but because she's so little, I prefer that she doesn't. Beckett is a bit bigger - about 11 pounds. He does stairs like a champ. He's just big enough that he isn't jumping from stair to stair & putting stress on his back. I hope that helps.

  3. I have a LONG set of steps that go Down to the DEN where the WOODBURNER is and the Nice Dark Bedroom where I HIDE from Storms and Vacula.. there is also a Baffroom down there. butt I don't go in there.. naturally. SOOOOO YES I go UP and DOWN the steps Just FINE.. when I get Cold or Scared. The Room where Jennifer Jeep lives is also down there. Maybe that is why I don't really go down very often. No sense getting too close to the travel Monster.
    You were certainly CUTE PUPPIES!!! Are we havin a PAWTY????

  4. The stairs in my house are very scary... even for my mom! She always carries me up!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Not being small dogs we can't answer for ourselves, but we do know at least one Yorkie who does stairs just fine. We just want to say happy birthday in advance. What cuties you all were - and are still.

  6. we have stairs...My Lily runs up them like a maniac. Mom carries me several times up and down. You are adorable....teeny weeny baby
    Benny & Lily

  7. We has stairs in our house and I goes up and down them...not suppose too, only cuz da upstairs is off limits to me...hehehe! Mum does however, carry Albert since he had back surgery but he does use da small steps on da deck.
    So, yea we use stairs.
    Now when you show puupy fotos it makes my mum want another one;)


  8. We only have two little steps outside our door in the back that goes to our backyard and two little steps in the front that goes to the car. Mom does not like us doing stairs. When we visit our Grandma in her building in NYC Mom carries Flash and Alven up the stairs because there is a lot of them there.

    flash, alven, dottie

  9. Hi Girls.
    We are not allowed to do stairs or jump on and off the furniture. We have ramps. We still try to get away with doing the stairs.
    What adorable babies you were. Love the puppy tummy.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  10. EEEkkkkkk...cutie puppies. Oh, stairs. We only has 3 carpeted stairs so no restrictions. Butt, I banged into one of dose stairs when I was running from brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie). I needed surgery to fix a popped disc in my neck from hitting da stairs too hard. I have's a post bout it in my January post archive. As fur da fur-niture....Da hoomans try to stop us from jumping up and down on da fur-niture. But sometimes we too fast for dem.

  11. We used to have stairs, and my standard dachshund, did wind up having back trouble..but we think that's more due to jumping into our 15-passenger van, and onto my bed. My mini doxie doesn't have any trouble.