Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

It's teacher appreciation week, and as the daughters of a teacher we want to remind others to thank their teachers! It's easy to forget sometimes that that person is someone's Mom or Dad... but we know how hard teachers work since we live with one. It's a tough job, for sure! We spend many Saturday mornings grading papers with Mom. So, to all the teachers out there, THANK YOU!!


  1. we will thank those teachers too
    Snuggles and snorts,
    Benny & Lily

  2. My Girl thanked all da teachers her has had and gaves them gift cards fur supplies.
    Her is in da elementary school and these are da buildin years to pave da road so we is very thankful fur her teachers. They has been awesome.
    And to your mom...Thank You! It's tuff to be a teacher...especially in SC.


  3. Tink of dis.....where would we's all be if we didn't have da teachers!

    Thank you!

  4. My mom is a BEtired teacher. She did Second Grade fur a LONG time.

    Soooo to YOUR mom... THANK YOU fur TEACHING the Little Ones.

    Teachers are the bestest PUBLIC SERVANTS in the world.

  5. Is that your moms classroom door??? We love it!!
    Her has a very important job!!!! And I bet her is very very good at it !

  6. BWhahahahahaha...OMD, Shelby gots a squirrel!!!!
    Go Shelby, Go Shelby, Go Shelby! Sorry mom.
    Dat girl must be all kinds of super duper fast. I wanna see a post bout it...and piktures...hehehehe!

    I just realized your mom teaches 2nd grade, my girl is in da 2nd grade.