Monday, July 25, 2011

For Furfolks Eyes Only

So, Frankie had this GREAT idea!! And, here are some of our pawrents embarrassing photos:

Notice, Mom has on her pajamas and Dad has on shorts. Pajamas?! Really? And, Dad, you couldn't at least put on some pants?

This is Mom's car. (It's fixed now, BUTT it took her forever to fix it AND at first she was too cheap to fix it and decided to just stick the light back in whenever it would pop out... until it FLEW off the car one day on the interstate never to be seen again. Yeah, Mom, if you'd just taken it in they could have fixed it instead of replacing it and the wiring which also ripped out when the light flew away. Way to go.)

What a nice face, Mom. I mean, all I wanted to do was kiss you.
Nice face, Dad. lol

Again, nice face Dad. lol (and kinda close, Mom)

Wow. Do you see what we're dealing with? 

ps- We will add more tomorrow. We're in search of our other camera card. 


  1. Ohhhh Girls mee does luvs dese photys dem had mee rollin offs da couch, dat last one is a doozie fur sure. Mee is sooooo gonna havs to get Da Mom Laydee ifs mee can eva pry da flashy box outta her paws.


  2. your pawrents are silly and funny too. Thanks for the smiles
    Benny & Lily

  3. Good job guys! Now jus watch out for payback!

  4. BaaaaaWaaaaaah I just KNEW I could count on the two of you to get some GOOOOOOOD revenge shots. I just LOVE the Snowman Building in SHORTS and JAMS!!! TOOOOOOO FUNNY!

    Now wanna hear a grrrreat one???
    I called my mom over to.. "SEE some GRRREAT Funny Stuffs on THIS BLOG" Well she just stood here by me and kept saying ... I can't see anything Frankie. Wait until I get my GLASSES.. then she came back lookin all stupid in her crazy glasses .. and said"Frankie that blog is BLANK. Why is it BLANK" BAAAWAAAAAH Isn't that a HOOT... I keep tellin everybuddy that the EYES ONLY thingy works GRRRREAT!!
    I can't wait to see MORE of your peeps being a Mill Stone around your necks. hehehe

  5. OMD Shelby and Milly you sure did catch your pawrents in some funny pics!

    Looks like the last pic is your Mom before coffee sayin "What ever, take the pic I don't care". And you did!

    Thanks so much for sharin!

    woos, Tessa

  6. Good ones! Luckily, I'm the photographer, so no embarrassing photos come back to haunt me.


  7. wow!your so lucky to have your Pawrents! ^_^

    Dog Fence