Friday, August 3, 2012

I Blame Puddles

I blame Puddles. No, really. I do.

I had to go to the vet and have my... well, ya know- my butt squished! Turns out I have an infection! In my butt! Ewwww!!!

So, got some meds and LOTS of attention. Hopefully I'll be all better soon.

Mom wanted to take a pic of me at the vet, but she forgot the camera. I wouldn't have let her anyhow.


  1. Poor Shelby- we are so sorry to hear of this trauma - our POTP are headed your way! GEt well soon!

  2. Dang, I always gets blamed fur stuffs. I is really sorry you hads to go through such a truama, believes me I knows ALL too well ho it.
    We will be thinkin; of you.


  3. Hey! Join the crowd... any time anything goes wrong here, we blame Puddles. Even mom! We find it makes us feel better!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Me hereby awards da gold medal to none odder den PUDDLES! Her causes da most trouble in Blogville! BWHahahahaha

  5. I would blame Puddles, too.
    I'm pretty sure she has a position of responsibility... she is responsible for everything.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  6. Poor little one! It's always bad enough to just have them darn things cleaned out butt an infection on top of it all!! We feel for ya.

    Ah yes, always blame Puddles. We think she get's a cut of the $$ from all our our Vet's. She must have been getting really low on the Cheeto's fund, and needed some quick cash. Butt (no pun intended) to give you butt problems, that's just not fair.....

    Hope you're feeling better real soon!

    Lily Belle

  7. Oh no my Shelby. I didn't know you been sick. I knows how you feel. O had my butt squished too and it stunk but I did feel better laters. Of course my girls can come fly on my magigal Bunble bee. You can come together or taker you a differnt times. Just let me know when to come get ya.

    With love..........Your Weenie