Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our pawrents were already talking about Christmas yesterday. Me, I'm focused on preparing to ignore any trick-or-treaters in my near future. (Shouldn't be hard to do since we did not have ANY last year- not even one.)
Anyhoo, our Mommerson and Dadderson went to some stores yesterday and came home and told us they decided they are going to get a REAL Christmas tree this year. Now, we know that people put real trees in their house sometimes at Christmas. Our Gma and Gpa do every year, but WE have never had our OWN real LIVE Christmas tree! We have always just had FAKE ones. We are EXCITED!!

Do you have a real tree or a fake tree? Our Gma has both... maybe you have both, too??


  1. oh boy, a tree to pee on! we gets a real one in my house, but sadly i is blocked from doing peeings on it by the tree stand :(you knows how it is, having correct-sized legs like we does.


  2. OMD a REAL tree RIGHT THERE in your HOUSE??? Now THAT is Cool Drool fur sure.

    We have NEVER EVER had a trick or treater at our house.

  3. You didn't have a trick or treater?!?!!? That's madness! I shall send some to you!! Last year we didn't put up a tree because we had no idea how FInn would react. We think we shall do a fake tree and see how it goes!

  4. Christmas! Oh brother that means we will have to be good
    Benny & Lily

  5. {yawn} Christmas??? Is it Christmas already? What happened to da 4th of July?????