Sunday, August 4, 2013

Howdy Folks!

We have to admit. Mom sucks at this whole blogging thing apparently. If she'd get off the internet on her phone and use the computer we wouldn't have this issue! UGH!

Anyhow, we have been keeping up with many Doxie friends on facebook on a group page called "Dachshund Lovers". Anyone else a member? Mom loves it!

We hope everyone is doing well. We saw this thing on facebook the other day and thought you would LOVE it! Make sure to share it with your pawrents.

are you a dog person???
What does it take to be one

It takes a person who can accept that life is messy sometimes. That just because you step in a little dog poo, it doesn't mean you have to throw the shoes away.

It takes a person who understands that voice-activated phone systems are for homes without barking. And that sometimes the neighbors look scary, even though they live there and we see them every day.

It takes a person who believes that shared body heat makes up for the paws poked in your back on cold winter nights. And that as long as you can make your body into the shape of an “S”, there’s plenty of room for everyone in the bed.

It takes a person who can accept that sometimes, it’s okay to be used as a trampoline. Especially if there’s something really interesting to be seen out the window; like leaves falling or grass growing.

It takes a person who can shrug off that errant strand of dog hair in a sandwich and pretend that it’s nothing more than pure protein. And that leaving the sandwich unattended on the table is the same as an engraved invitation to dinner.

It takes a person who understands that sometimes the temptation presented by a roll of toilet paper is just too much to resist; and it must be shredded. A person willing to concede that shoelaces and dirty socks might be more palatable than you think.

It takes a person who understands that throwing the yellow ball is far more important than the program you are trying to watch on TV, the book you are trying to read or the telephone conversation you are trying to have.

It takes a person who is willing to be worshiped and adored for the next 10-15 years despite all of their personal faults and shortcomings.

It takes a person who can laugh at the chaos, shrug off the messes and embrace the joy.

Do you have what it takes?


  1. Wow...some buddy just described our Mommy to a tea! Especially about sleeping in the shape of an "S". Butt that the only way all 10 of us will fit on the bed!


  2. It is SUPER DUPER to see you two again. We have missed you.
    We don't do the Facebook thingy.

  3. You better give her a verbal warning before you fire her
    Benny & Lily