Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sojos from Mr. Chewy

Last month (yes, we are LATE with this one!) Mr. Chewy sent us some great treats!

He sent us Sojos and they are some yummy things! There are many Sojos to choose from. We got the grain-free ones. We love them because they taste great. Mom loves them because they're grain-free, affordable, and have less than 15 calories per treat (which is great since we are on a diet). Mom also likes that they were made in the USA and don't have any artificial colors and stuff. Really, we eat better than our pawrents!

Here we are inspecting the package. 

Um, hurry up, Mom!

Looks yummy to me!

Open these things, NOW!

Smells great!


We were excited!

Mom is so slow!!

1 comment:

  1. OMD They sound HEAVENLY... and from the looks of the two of you... That is Correct. We love beclaws they let our furends TRY thingys and then tell us what they are like... before we waste our Green Papers on thingys that are NOT good.. PLUS Chewy Sends stuffs RIGHT to our DOOR... and they are cheaper than from Stores too!!
    EXCELLENT review!!!