Monday, March 22, 2010

Speaking of Florida...

Well, Milly spilled the beans in her blog about the little trip to Florida. I don't really know what happened. All I know is Mom and Dad packed up all our stuff in boxes and Gpa helped them put it in a big truck. Then the next morning (VERY early... way too early for me) Grumpa came over and drove the truck away. I rode in the car with Mom and Milly rode in the car with Dad. We drove for forever... it was awful. I kept crying and whining and I got in trouble. Mom told me to stop being a baby and to be a big girl. She finally stopped at this place called a rest area and I got to stretch my short little legs. There were lots of people there and a bunch of kids kept calling me a "dalmatian dachshund". How silly. We stopped like that a few times... I figured out if I whined enough she'd stop at these rest areas and we could hang out for a bit. Anyhow, once we got to Florida the house was very little. Dad was not happy about it. I HATED the house so much I pooped right in the floor. I hated the yard so much I found a gap in the fence and ran out. We played a nice game of chase after that. Mom, Dad, Milly, and Grumpa were not having nearly as much fun as I was!! I had a blast. Mom grabbed me up and fussed at me. She told me I nearly gave her a heart attack and almost for "smushed" by a truck. That would have been bad. Anyhow, we went back to the house and they noticed that Milly was covered in fleas. She's so gross. She always gets into something. Then, her little friendly fleas decided they liked me, too and jumped on me. I was not happy about this. After that we got back in our cars and drove to my Gma's house. I have to say it really confused me because Gma didn;t live that far away from us before. We went back to our old house in the morning and put all of our stuff back in. I am really not sure why all of this happened but I am very glad that we stayed where we were. I would have missed my family... and my yard... and especially Squirrelly McSquirrel Squirrel!

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