Monday, March 29, 2010

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things...

We think these toys are the BEST! Santa brought us some for Christmas. Mom says he got them from They're great! Shelby's favorite thing to do with them it get all the stuffing out and then carry them around. The poor turtles end up being a ring with legs and a head because she takes the entire middle out and spreads it all over the living room!
I (Milly) LOVE tennis balls! They are my favorite. I pick up the regular sized tennis balls and carry them around and pretend to try to get people to play with me and then I run away. Hahaha!
We love these packets of food. We get a spoonfull on our dry food as a nice little treat in the bowl. We really like the beef and cheese one... it's like a hamburger for us!
This is the food we eat. We were eating something else but the vet said that we needed better food because I (Milly) have some health problems and the other food was just making it worse. We have to be very careful about my fat intake. Anyhow, apparently this food is good for you... and it's pretty yummy to me!
We really like to get these. We don't get treats much due to the fat intake issue... so we are very excited when we get these. They help our teeth stay clean since we really don't like for Mom to brush them!


  1. Hi!
    SO glad to be friends!
    My mom loves your mom's scripture!!
    Teach us how to make sweet tea!
    You lucky dog! :)

  2. Good review!
    My mom has to be very careful too with what I can eat. I don't get treats very often either. And when I am lucky to get one I really enjoy it!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Thanks Bear! My mom doesn't make sweet tea anymore... Daddy doesn't drink it. My Gma does. Mom goes over there to drink it sometimes. She loves it! You don't have sweet tea where you're from? Mom says that's a shame. Sweet tea is the best! Anyhow, she says you just buy the tea bags (they buy Rose Tea) and put it in the tea pot (or you can use a regular pot) and boil the water and then when you get the tea out you put it in a pitcher with lots of sugar! You have to decide how much is enough for you. Then, you either put it in the fridge to cool or use lots of ice... because hot tea is gross when you have it with a meal. Mom says hot tea is for people when they are sick. :)

  4. Lorenza, thank you for your comments. You are so nice. My mom reads your blog to me and she said you have lots of dresses. I was jealous! Then she reminded me that I don't like to wear clothes so I was ok. For Halloween she tried to make me into a squirrel- and I hated it! :) Love, Shelby

  5. Have you tried taste of the wild? It's rated as a 6 star food on You can go to their website and send them a little e-mail stating that you'd like to try their wonderful product and they will send you some very nice samples. Bot my furkins are now on it almost a month. Their coats have become shinier than ever and they are much perkier. Even their furcat sibs are on it and doing amazingly well. It's grain free. :)

    Good luck with getting healthier! *hugs*

  6. Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into that.