Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!! The Name Game

Ok, today we are supposed to tell our name stories. Unfortunately, we don't have much of a story... but here goes.

Dad got an email from our granny (his Mom). It had pictures of us (we were puppies) and he thought we were super cute. He knew Mom wanted a dog. He had been saying no... but we were "free". So, he asked Mom if she wanted us. She squealed and jumped up and down and said, "yes! yes! yes!!!!!!" So, it was decided. Now, at this time our Mommy and Daddy were not married and didn't live in the same house... and so there were lots of decisions to be made about where we would live and some moving to be done because certain places don't allow pets. (pets? We're no pets. haha!)

Anyhow, Mom realized we needed names (thankfully she was smart enough to realize this before they got us... so they started talking and thinking). 
"Milly and Molly," Mom said. 
"Milly and Molly?" Dad asked. 
"Yeah. It's cute and it goes together," Mom said. 
So Mom tells our Gma (her Mom) about the names.
"You can't name them Milly and Molly," Gma said.
""And just why not?" asked Mom.
"Well, because they won't ever know their names. They're too close." Gma said.
(She had a point, that would have been very confusing... especially with how little we listen anyhow.)
And so the conversations progressed... Mom was sitting in Dad's living room one night and saw a poster of a Shelby Cobra. (See example below.)

She thought about how it was sleek and fast and Dad loves them... (Dad loves Mustangs and most fast cars). So, She thought... "Shelby. Milly and Shelby."
And so, Milly became Shelby and Molly became Milly. (Confusing, right?)
Well, we don't just have first names. We actually have 4 names including our last name (which we are not allowed to post on here). Our next names are easy to explain. Shelby is named after our Gma (Mom's Mom) "Ann" (they have the same middle name). So, she is Shelby Ann. Milly is named after our Granny (Dad's Mom) "Mae" (they have the same middle name). So, She is Milly Mae.
The last part is kind of dumb if you ask us and we tend to leave it off... or try to forget it. hahaha!! So, since Shelby was named after the car "Shelby Cobra", she is Shelby Ann Cobra. Milly is another story. It started as a joke and kind of stuck. Poor kid. Her name is Milly Mae Vanilli. How awful. Right? She tends to not tell people that a lot because she thinks it's dumb. 

So, now you know. Our story isn't that interesting. We just have indecisive parents who gave us 5 billion names and one is a joke. Hahaha!

Milly Mae Vanilli and Shelby Ann Cobra

Here is us with our Mama Missy and our brother Little Jerry when we were babies!

Me, Milly, when I was a baby!

Me, Shelby, When I was just a little tiny teeny baby!


  1. I love your names and think they fit you perfectly. My Momma said 'Hmmmmm vanilli I bet I know where that came from' but she is being mean and won't tell me.
    Happy 4th of July


  2. Oh my dogness!
    I am just loving all these puppy pikturs!

    My moms had to dry her eyeballs after reading Puddles post......then she gets to you girls and the waterworks started all over again!

    All of them be so precious...but that last piktur of Miss Shelby turned on her waterworks again! She in da other room now..and all I hears is.."What a sweet little butt and sweet little weinerdog feetsies"

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I love your names! What about those puppy pictures - crazy cuteness!! Your mom was lovely as well and I am sure she is very proud of your blogging success.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. You two have such pretty name. We loved seeing your baby pictures.
    Happy Independence Day
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Awwww,

    You two was such cute babies :) Milly has my middle cool is that?

    Happy July 4th!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. OMD! Your baby pictures are sooo cute! My mom squealed so loud I had to cover my ears! I think the history of your names is so interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't the blog hop cool?


  7. Such cute pictures, and what a lot of imagination went into those names! Happy 4th across the pond!

  8. We love your names they are furry cool. We loved your baby pics even more you all were too adorable as lil babies!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  9. hihi cute wiener doggie ladies!
    i gotta agree with your grammy. milly and molly would be way too confusing! i like shelby ann cobra and milly mae vanilli very much! and miss milly, don't worries, mama explained the vanilli part to me, and we both think it's really super cool!! why would somebuddy make funsies of you for that??
    oh, and how cool that you live in SC, too!!! and even more cool that your mama used to volunteer for my big sis asa's rescue group! do you know miss puddles? she's a wiener doggie and lives in SC, too. oh, and the real question -- are ya'll clemson or carolina fans?? teehee.
    happy independence day!!
    the booker man

  10. That's a cute naming story!! :)

  11. OMD--you two are just too cute~!! and those little nigget puppy shelby legs are just to die for~! :D milly, your last name is fabulous--i love it~!!
    what a fun name story gals~!!


  12. carolina gamecocks for sures, ladies!!! woot!

  13. Hey there, it's Frankie Furter's cousin Sarge. Love your name stories! My dad is crazy about those cars too. Thanks for sharing your great names.
    Grr and Woof,

  14. Love the stories and those baby pictures are adorable! We think your names fit you just perfect.

    Flash Alven and Dottie

  15. I loved to see the pictures of you two and your mom! Adorable!
    Thanks for sharing the story of your names!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Oh my Goodnesses!! How cutes Milly Mae Vanilli and Shelby Ann Cobra!!!!!

    We's loves 'da story of hows yous girls gots yous names!!!! Very cutes and clevers!!!

    Six paws ups!!!!! SNORTS!!!

    HAPPY 4th's!!!
    Much Loves,
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  17. We love your name stories! We think it's cool to be named after a car! At least it was a cool car and not like - a Pinto! You both have excellent names and we think it's sweet that your Mom & Dad went to all that trouble to get it just right! And your baby pics, well, we're just speechless, they are too cute for words!
    The Road Dogs

  18. Woof! Woof! More WOOFSssss...very cute. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. Oh! I hope my mom doesn't see your puppy photos. she keeps talking about wanting a puppy. I don't want no puppies in my house. I love your names. They are perfect for you. See, I think my name is boring...I just have one name. You guys have more interesting names.

  20. I love how doxies lay with their back legs kicked out from under them... i think its super cute