Monday, September 6, 2010

Please Spread the Word for Our Mom!

Hi friends! We have a favor to ask you... please spread the word for our Mom. She has posted on Donors choose . org to try to get her kiddos a listening station in her classroom... now, we don't care much for kids, but Mom likes 'em and she only wants the best for her other 16 kids. So, if you have a facebook or something and can spread the word our Mama would sure appreciate it and so would we!


  1. Duly posted to Facebook and I have donated ( sorry it wasn't more though), your Mom is doing a wonderful thing as the gift of reading is a very big one. I adore losing myself into worlds of fantasy and adventure. Well done Milly & Shelbys Mom it shows what an awesome teacher you are by going that extra distance for your students, they are a very lucky class indeed.
    Mollys Momma

  2. We will post on our Facebook page for you. We sure hope you get a listening station for the kids. Wonderful Idea.

  3. My mom will post this on facebook! What a great thing your mom is doing!

    Your pal, Pip