Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Came Early!!

Shelby with her new pumpkin as Henrietta looks on. :)

Milly welcoming Harriett to the Hedgehog family. :) 

Milly and Harriett

They were so excited to meet!!

Henrietta was feeling a little left out.

Mil and Harriett again.

Shelby and the pumpkin.

Milly and 2 of her hedgehogs. 


  1. At least the two of you didn't have to get dressed up in costumes! Lucky dogs!

    Sam and Pippen

  2. Hi My Ladies,

    We got orange pumpkin stuffies for Halloween since we couldn't have any candy. I tore the guts out of mine to get to the sqweeker. He's just a carcess now. Sissy doesn't degut her stuffies like I do so she's been keeping it away from me.

    Mommy gave us 2 new stuffies today but they don't got sqweeker so they might last awhile. Mommy is gonna post their pictures tomorrow.

    Love ya....Weenie