Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Early Christmas Present!!

MilMil Tree
My MilMil Tree
My MilMil is a tree.

hahahaha Just Kidding!

Now, on to my story.
This morning started off like any other. My dad was out of bed super early. Mil was out of bed and down the hall with dad. I was snugglin' my Mama. Her stupid alarm clock went off and she hit the snooze for 5 more minutes. Then,  she rubbed my belly and told me how great I am. :) I love mornings with Mom.

So, Dad came down the hall and said good morning and then Mil and I went outside. Mom went to turn on the water to take a shower. Just as she was stepping in to the shower she heard Dad (who never raises his voice) yelling at the top of his lungs, "MAGGIE (Mom's name) GET OUT HERE! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!" Now, if you recall, the last time Dad yelled was the day I killed a squirrel. So, Mom knew he meant business and grabbed her hot pink towel wrap and went running down the hall.
She found us all on the back screened in porch. We were running and barking like CRAZY! She then realized there were THREE of us. WHAT?! Three? Yes. Three. Me, Mil, and THE CAT. Cat? No. We don't have a cat.
HOLY COW!!! Santa brought me a CAT!!!!!
I was so excited, but the cat did not want to play with me. The cat kept running and banging into the screen and was NOT being friendly. I just wanted to play with it!!
Anyhow, the cat finally found its way off of the porch and I was hot on its trail! Mom was hot on my trail. She was yelling like a crazy person, "SHELBY, STOP!!!!" I'm all like, "not now, Mom. I'm busy."
The cat made it over to the fence and was out of site. DARN!
My early present from Santa ran away. :( Man, oh man.
Mom and Dad were NOT happy with me. They just don't get it. I don't know why they're mad. Their early Christmas present didn't RUN AWAY!!


  1. BOL what a great story! My Mama yells like a crazy person when I chase my kitty sister, but the cat ALWAYS starts it!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. OMD OMD... Your morning started out so Slow and SMOOOOOOOOTH and then WHAM !!! Surprise!!
    (Darn... no pic of your mom in the PINK Bath FROCK)... SUDDENLY all >>>>> L <<<<<< broke loose... and your mom and dad going all cracker Peep Crazy... SCARED YOUR early Pressie AWAY???
    HORRID... That is just HORRID I say.
    Well, you can always HOPE that Santa Paws will bring you a Replacement. Wouldn't THAT be EXCITING?????

  3. Aw, too bad your pressie didn't want to hang around for a little while! Sounds like you had a fun few minutes though! Maybe you've planted the seed for a good idea for your birthday!

  4. All dis going on and no one grabbed da flashy beast!!!! Any other time...well, you nose!

    Dis reminds me of the time last summer when a cat came over our fence and then through our 2 doggie doors and right into the living room. That's when we all pounced. Mom's window curtains didn't survive!

  5. I think the Kitty got too scared. Poor thing, Kitty was probably thinking why'd Santa want him to be given to you.

    Don't worry Santa will give you an even better present next time.

  6. Yea, I gots to agree with Frankie, I think that Santa Paws feels kinda bad and will definitely bring you a replacement. Just make sure that your Mom is not wearin that pink towel wrap, OK?

    woos, Tessa

  7. ummmmmm...I still don't knows why your peeps was freaking out. I would haves loved to haves a pressie likes dat. I has been trying to gets da neighbor's kitteh. Maybe ya'll should come to my house and we'll form an army?


  8. I think that this is one of the BEST Blogville Posts of the entire YEAR!!! I am STILL Laughing.
    PERFECTLY put together!!! It was a THRILL to read.. and I am sure it was a THRILL to Experience!! Brilliant Post!!!

  9. Wow! You got a kitty cat from Santa Paws, how cool is that. I'm sorry he ran away. Maybe he was scared 'cause your Mommy was in her hot pink towel wrap. Hey, I'm just saying....

    Here kitty kitty....