Monday, July 16, 2012

Working on Vacation

Dad is on vacation this week starting today.

Looks like a great vacation. BOL!
(They decided to close up the loft because it was taking the cold air out of the living room!)

He's working hard!

Mom actually cooked dinner. Holy Cow!


  1. WOW your Dad had better be careful... wouldn't want him to fall. I love your mom's NAVY tee shirt!!! If we had known she was gonna cooker up somethingy good.. we would have dropped by fur supper.

  2. At least they are on vacation and with you and not dropping you off somewhere while they go away without you!!! Looks like a lot of work, that dinner, fixing the loft. They are gonna need another vacation!

  3. That vacation stinks! Tell your dad he needs a big old bowl of bacon-flavored popcorn and some Lassie movies on the couch with his favorite pups. That is what I would tell my Daddy!