Saturday, December 22, 2012

To the Vet!

Here we are headed to the vet. Yuck.

They gave me (Mil) a shot and squeezed Shelby's butt. They told me I had the worst part, but Shelby swears getting her butt squeezed was worse.

Because we are weird and have allergic reactions to vaccinations I had to wait 15 minutes before we were allowed to leave.

Here's me waiting (very impatiently, I might add).

Here's Shelby waiting. also doing so very impatiently. (Note the wet floor sign in the back ground- yeah that's because of me (Mil) because I pooped in the floor as soon as we walked in the door. Mom was NOT happy. Then Shelby kept getting tangled up in the chair legs with her leash and Mom said they were going to kick us out!)

Here we are with the Mom... again with the crazy hair! 

We were all ready to go. Waited our 15 minutes, met some new furiends, and headed out the door.
Got in the car and drove about 5 minutes down the road.
Mom looks at me (Mil) and says, "Gosh, Mil. Your face is looking extra squishy." Then she starts poking my "squishy" face. 
So, back to the vet we go. I had to get another shot and they said I was trying to be like Shelby (who has severe allergic reactions to her vaccinations).

I'm ok now. Got the shot, taking Benedryl every 8 hours. 

Mom says we have the best vet and vet staff ever. They are so nice to us! We love them!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS... THAT was not a very nice visit to the Dogtor.. A SHOT fur EACH of you and the terrible BUTT torture. SHeeeeeSH. Not nice at all. BUTT... it is all BEHIND you girrrrls now. RIGHT? We're just sayin.

  2. OMD....Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) also has severe allergic reactions to a rabies shot and a more deathly reaction to everything else. So our vet has elected to say that any shots are life threatening to Max so he has advised against giving them in the future. He feels that at 9 years old, Max has built up sufficient immunity to everything so why put his life at risk.

    Glad you got your vet visit over with before the holidays.


  3. phew I is glad to hear that you is ok! Good job pooping on the floor - it is an excellent way to inform peoples of the emotions you has about certain things. Like Vet.

    merry festivitals to you, and no more shots or even butt squeezes!


  4. whooo, good to get that vet visit over. Even if the peoples there are very nice and love you lots its not the most funnest thing to do.Yeh, those butt squeezes aren't fun either ....
    Wishing you all the best for Christmas and in the coming New Year - Love, Peace, and good health
    Ernie,Sasha, Lucas, Chica, Rosie and our 2 foster pups Celeste and Tarzan