Monday, January 6, 2014

A Little More Walkie

Well, furiends, I gotta tell ya that the vet said I am (gasp) "overweight" and could stand to lose a few pounds. Not to be mean, but if I need to lose a few pounds then Milly needs to lose a bunch of pounds! 
So, yesterday Mom and I set off on a little walkie.
I did some sniffing and some exploring. Not much exercising, though. You know what they say, "no matter how slow you're going you're still going faster than the people on the couch." I'm not sure if that counts the stopping to sniff around or not. 

Of course, I walked along having fun and Mom kept yapping at me. That woman could talk paint off a wall I tell ya! 

After our walk I took a nap. Next time we are making Milly go with us and I told Mom, "next time, lady, a little more walkie and a little less talkie."


  1. BOL...Less talkie...not in my Mom's vocabulary either...

    And DIET is not in MY vocabulary. :)

  2. Come on! Did you explain it was all muscle