Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Furiends, have any of you heard of sweet Dixie and what happened to her? It is horrible! There is a Facebook page for her called Dixie's Miracle and you can go there and read all about it and sign the petition. It would really help!!

Long story short, Dixie's pawrents took her to a spa day with her sister. When they picked her up she was in horrible pain and ended up having third degree burns. The spa place won't take responsibility for their negligence. The pawrents have a petition to require pet spas and groomers to have licensure and people who check out the places. Can you believe that doesn't already exist?? OMD!

Anyhow, please google it and find her and help her. She is a fellow Dachshund and needs all the support she can get. 

Thanks furiends! 

Just so you don't forget what I look like since Shelby always hogs this blog. Here's me, Milly. :)


  1. How terrible. We don't have FB but we'll try and find out what we can.

  2. That is a terrible thingy... Poor Dixie. Somethingy Similar happened in Northern Ohio two years ago... THAT place lost ALL of its business.. butt that didn't Ease the Pain and suffering of the dog that they caused to have such awful burns..
    SO SAD.