Friday, June 22, 2012

Calling Dr. Mom

That dumb butt Shelby has been after my chipmunk since we got him at PetSmart last week! She got a fox and tore it up... so now she's after my chipmunk. 
It's so bad that she woke Mom up in the middle of the night last night looking for it. Mom found him first and stuck him in a cabinet to keep him safe. 
Shelby may look sweet... but she is viscous, I tell ya!

Shelby got a hold of him yesterday and put a hole in him. Mom had to stitch him up.
Today Shelby bit his leg off!! UGH!

Poor guy. He is looking pretty pitiful.

Here is the culprit, looking on as Mom sews him up.

Here I am keeping watch. 

Mom is performing surgery. 

"Are you almost done, Mom? It's taking so long!"
"Mil Girl, you know I am not really a doctor... or a seamstress."

"Thanks Mom! I'll keep him safe!


  1. Hmmmm...I thinks someone is trainin for the "De-Stuffing" event.

  2. OH YEAH.. Amber MUST be Right.. BUTT Shelby should ONLY train on HER thingys. RIGHT.
    I have noticed the same thingy you have... Ernie can take pawts off a stuffie in less than 87 seconds... and it takes MOM about 87 HOURS to do reconstructive surgery.. THAT is not Right either.

  3. Oh-oh!
    Glad your mom helped you to bring him to life!
    I am sure you will keep an eye on him.... and in "someone" else!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Poor little chipmunk! Hope he stays safe.

    Your pal, Pip