Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Night. YIKES!

So, last night I (the Shelby) woke up to Mom (I sleep at the top of the bed between Mom and Dad... until the alarm clock goes off and then I make a beeline for the end of the bed under the covers.) saying, "Jake" (that's my Dad's name) "Jake, do you hear that?!" (She was whispering this and gently shaking him.)
(Another shake, not so gentle this time.) "Jake. Jake! Do you hear that?!"
(In a VERY grumpy voice:) "NO."
"You didn't even listen. Listen."
"Jake! Do you hear that?! Something or someone is in the house. Listen, please!"
(Now this whole time I am thinking if it was really something that was a big deal it would have already eaten us- right?)
So Dad turns on the light (there goes our cover) and says, "Hello?! Hello?!"

That's when we realize Milly is not on the bed.

We hear her toes clickity-clackin' on the floor.
Mom gets up (note that I said Mom, not Dad BOL!) and walks toward the noise. "Milly?"
Milly comes waltzing out of the office like no big deal. Mom starts fussing at her that she nearly gave them a heart attack and a few minutes later she comes back to bed telling Dad that Milly had gotten in a trash bag and licked the inside of the cheetos bag clean. BOL!

That Milly. She'll do anything for a midnight snack.


  1. BOL!!!! You need to make sure to leave a Bud Light in the garbage can, too. She cannot have Cheetos without a Bud light.. It's a rule... in the South... or perhaps just a Puddles rule... but it's a rule nonetheless!! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  2. Somebuddy in this house does that kind of stuff too!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Puddles has taught her well!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Bwhahahahaha...OH squirrel snot dat is HILARIOUS! But a rule is a rule and it don't matters who started da rule...dats what I say. Nows dat Milly id da GIRL!!!!!!
    It do be a good thing you didn't has no real intruders in your house...hehehehe.

    Yep, we was thinking bouts ya'll when I gotted my hives. Went to da vet and he gaved me a shot. Dude, said I looked awful.


  5. Me tinks you been hangin round da Puddles too much! BOL

  6. bol! thats a midnight snack, sounds really delicious! Next time, Milly should try to be a little more discret, so your mom wont get a heart attack. ;-)

  7. Milly you goof ball... you are supposed to be WAY more quiet than THAT. I think it was a grrrreat adventure though.

  8. Midnight snacks, oh yeah! Nice work on the Cheetos bag and scaring the peeps!,

  9. who taught you that stuff?
    Benny & Lily

  10. I bet that Milly called Puddles in the middle of the night to discuss the Cheetos licking that was going on. She was probably saying things like "ha, ha, ha, I gots the Cheeto's and yous don't!"

    Lily Belle