Saturday, June 23, 2012

Run Free Little Black Kitten

Mom is posting today:

Well, today was a busy day! I started out the day by working/volunteering at a yard sale to raise money for the animal rescue group I work for. I came home, ran some errands with the husband, and then we went out to the back yard to cook burgers.

The day went downhill from there. I saw something small and black near the back fence in our yard. I asked Jake if it was a cat and he said no that he thought it was a sock. Upon closer inspection we found that it was a kitten. He took Milly and Shelby in and I went over to the kitten. I touched it. (Honestly, I don't know why I touched it because I really thought it was dead and who goes around touching dead kittens?) It was not dead. It jumped up and climbed the tree next to me very quickly. I stood there talking to it trying to get it to come down. Of course, it wouldn't. Then, it jumped the fence to another fence (which belongs to the people behind us). I went inside and figured the cat was gone.
Jake said he heard it meowing and I climbed up on our fence (we have a privacy fence) to look over. The cat's leg was stuck in the top of the privacy fence that belongs to our neighbors. I tried to free the cat, but it bit me. I got Jake to get me a towel (he brought me a random sweater that was on the porch) and I put it around the cat and tried to free its leg. I couldn't get it free. Jake brought me a screw driver and I unscrewed the top of the fence and got its leg out.
Once I got down from the fence I could tell the cat was limp. It was still breathing, though. I took it out on the driveway and tried to give it some water. It just laid there. It was pitiful. I tried to cool it off and talked to it and pet it. It just kept laying there.
I ended up calling the president of the animal rescue group I volunteer for because I knew she would know what to do. She told me to put it in a carrier and bring it in the house in case it had overheated in the sweater. I did that. I put it in the bathroom. She came over and before she got there the cat ended up passing away. I am sad for the poor little guy/girl. :( Poor thing. I feel awful for it.
It makes me so upset that people do not spay/neuter their pets. This poor cat was suffering and there is no excuse for that. The president said that she is pretty sure it must have had flea anemia because its gums were so pale and it may have had intestinal parasites. I just feel awful for this cat. It breaks my heart.
So, in tribute to this sweet kitty.... run free over the bridge, sweet little black kitten. Run free.


  1. Oh what a story! Poor little kitty! I hope others read this story and do the right thing. Hope the bite on you is healing!