Sunday, January 2, 2011

All The Doxies

You may think it is just us, the MilShelb, at our house... but, you're sadly mistaken.

There's Miss Tini-Weenie- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and her friend Bagel Twist Doggy Magoo

 There's Country Corn Doggy and The Weird Wizard ... and teeny tiny doxie dog (on the left corner).

There's super old doxie guy on the left and Miss Colorful and clothed Doxie girl on the right.

 There's another super old doxie Mini-Mil on the left and Haha You're So Funny doxie on the right.

There's a super cute Doxie magnetic board from a super nice blogger lady. (She sent it to Mom.)

 There's the framed Doxie dish towel in the kitchen.

 There's Mr. Creepy Glow Doxie in the guest bedroom.

 There's super heavy Doxie girl that keeps my photo company.

 There's super old and heavy Doxie bank that keeps Mil's picture company.

So, you see, it's not just us. Doxies are taking over the house!!

And... Pee. S. Mom said we should have enough Doxie ornaments next year to have our very own Doxie tree!! We are so super excited!! Mom also says if anyone sees Doxie ornaments on super duper cheap sale to let her know so she can grab a few more.


  1. Wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeee you have about 87 million of US in your house. I have some too. I will have to do a post about them ... soon.
    I will watch fur dachshund stuffs and let you know if I find anythingys.
    YOUR OWN DACHSHUND ORNAMENT TREE??? That is really Cool Drool.

  2. Your mom has tons of doxie ornaments!
    All of them are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Enjoyed reading your blogs. Hope your New Year is wonderful and blessed!

  4. Wow that is alot of Doxies!!
    Happy New Year see you in 2011
    George xxx

  5. ooh, that last one is from anthropologie? love all your doxie thingies! my mom keeps buying them too - like what up wit dat? :) b

  6. looove loooooove your ornaments!

    happy happy new year
    coco and tiffy

  7. Hi! We just started our own blog recently, and we're going around trying to meet other bloggy pets. You sure have a lot of doxie's! That would be cool to have a whole tree dedicated to dogs that look like you. :D