Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homemade Treats Make For a Happy Day!!

I know you can't see much from here.... it's really too bad these blogs aren't scratch and sniff.

A little better view.... Oh we were soooo excited!!

Got Mom to take one from her view. Lots going on up there.

Oh boy! They're in the oven! We could hardly wait!

I ran out to get Milly and let her know the cookies were in the oven!

Mil? Where are ya Mil?

More cookies... on their way to the oven!

I was so excited I just could not stay still!

Too excited, Mom. Stop trying to capture the moment. Just give me the cookies!

They're done! Yay!!!


  1. If I could get away from Mango's Estate in Master Chews Sits... I would be right at YOUR FRONT DOOR. OMD OMD those look GRRRREAT.
    You are sooooooo lucky!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. My Mommy was making all kinds of special treats for us over da holly-days......peanut butter, bacon, pumpkin,all kinds of flavors. BUTT......she hasn't made any more. Gots to get her a movin' again!

  3. Oh Shelby! You are such a sweet sister to run and look for your sister at a time when you could have easily snatched all of those treats for yourself and I am touched that you wanted to share with Millie! I hope you two enjoyed your snacks!

  4. Whats your recipe??? You should post it so OUR Mama can make them for US!

  5. Yummylicious cookies!
    It is pawesome when they are homemade, right?
    Did you find Mil to share them??
    Happy saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You are very lucky to have a mom person who makes you treats!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Totally Yummmmmy! You're lucky pups to have your very own treat maker!

    The Road Dogs