Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're Supposed to get SNOW today!

We hope we get some snow! We love snow... we do NOT love playing in snow. What we love about snow is that Mom is HOME all day! Awesome!

ps- We promise to post a "good" post soon. Dumb dumb Mom has so much school work to do so she doesn't have time right now... oh AND we got in BIG trouble yesterday because Mom had divided up all these awesome foamy stickers and we ripped open the bags and shredded them and had a BLAST! Too bad Mom did not think it was funny or anything good. She was super mad at us.


  1. So did you get snow? I think Bella likes it when it's light and fluffy... not so much when it's wet!

  2. Hope you get some snow. Get the boots, hats and sweaters ready
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh no you got in trouble for ripping up the foamie stickers??? Well, was all the fun worth it? Sometimes Mamas are mad for a little while, but they always forgive us!

  4. We hopez u'sll git sum - may-b if u du then we will tu - the weather man saz we r du an'he sez it iz comin'butt we will believe it when we c it.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  5. I will send you a double load of snow so your mommy can stay home with you! I am off to the shipping department right now!

  6. I can just picture you ripping the foam stickers to shreds, my furends, and I am sure you had fun with them until your mom caught you in the act!
    I used to teach full time and I so looked forward to snow days because I had a chance to snuggle with my pets for the day! Hope you get the snow you want soon!

  7. I love snow too... as long as it is somewhere besides on my hill. hehehe
    I think that you have the best reason to like it though!!!!!!! YEA... your mom is all yours fur the day!!! What could be better????

  8. Hmm, it sounds like you were just trying to organize those for her, right?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. School is more important - we can all be patient. Tell your Mom to post a picture once in a while, and we will be happy!


  10. Hey, gals......well, I'm glad somebuddy likes playin' in the snow. I can't take it - my whatnot is too close to the ground.

    Oh, uh.....ahem.....sorry, girls. Too much infermation there.

  11. woohoo ladies!! we gots the snooooow!! it's still comin' down at my house, too! how much do you have? i've got 4-5 inches in my backyard.
    have funsies with your mama today!! snow days are totally awesome...i wish we'd get them more often. teehee!
    at first my mama was only off for the morning, but she just found out her work decided to close for the whole day, so now she gets to spend the whole day with me 'n asa. hooray!! :)

    the booker man

  12. Hey.....isn't dat what us weenie dogs were made for???? We always help our hoomans by opening da packages for dem and shredding jus' gives dem more pieces. Dats a good ting, isn't it?

    You are lucky dat you can see some of da cold white stuffs. We lives in da Sunshine State of Florida and never gets any of dat cold white stuffing to play wit.

    Nice meeting you.....Sorry bout da rabies shot thing. Mom may not let my brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) have any more either since it happened 3 times now.

    Amber DaWeenie