Monday, January 23, 2012

Lily's Request

Lily did a post yesterday about her Mom's nicknames. We thought we'd join in on the fun!

Now, our Mom has tons of nicknames for us.
Shelby: Cobra, Cobe, Wobra, Wobe, CobeWobe, (and mostly) BeeBersonPerson or ShBeeBerson... the list goes on and on.
Milly: Mil girl, Mil girl Plop, MaMil, MiMa, MilMae, MilMae Plopper Pants, Mil Boot, Boot, SilMil, MilSil, MilMillerson... again, the list goes on and on.

And they wonder why we don't come when they call us "Milly" and "Shelby."

Anyhow, we have some nicknames for our pawrents, but we just have a few for each.
Mom: Mommerson, Mom Lom, Crazy Woman... we mostly called her Mommerson.
Dad: Dadderson, Wadderson, DadWad... we mostly call him Wadderson.

Guess we're not as creative as Mommerson and Wadderson. BOL!!!!!!!


  1. Yea, I calls my mum crazy lady...and many many many more!

    Sorry bouts your mom's cake. Hers really should have done a box cake like my um does...BOL!


  2. Well I LIKE your nicknames fur your mom and dad. I guess they aren't as much of a Pain under the tail as MY mom is though.

  3. Our Daddy has a special nickname for each one of us in da pack. So we's has to remember two names. Crazy pawrents!