Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom the Organizer

Mom and Dad made a new rule in our house: Don't put it down. Put it away.
They got this rule from the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Mom loves that magazine.

Anyhoo... Mom has been organizing because she says you can't really put things away until they have a place to go. We have been snoopervising!
This is the linen closet before Mom attacked it.

Here's me, the Mil, checking out Mom's progress.

Here's me, the Mil, licking the comforter. Tasty!

Here's the linen closet after Mom attacked it. (she also put labels on the shelves so Dad will not have any excuses! BOL!)

Here's me, the Shelby Cobra, snoopervising from a distance.

Here's Mom's craft area before she attacked it. YIKES!

Here is is now. Good job, Mom!

Mom made these crafty little things out of old spaghetti sauce jars.

Here's me, the Mil, approving of Mom's work from across the hall.

(Insert evil laugh) Wonder what I can make her do next???


  1. Mwah mwah mwah (that's my evil laugh...) I am pretty impressed with that organizing! And those jars came out pretty! Nice job snoopervising too!

  2. Millie THAT was an EVIL Laugh.. and even a Perfect FACE to go with it.

    Darn.. your mom did a grrreat job.. maybe she could come and do that fur our toy boxes.. Ernie keeps makin them an awful mess.
    Love the spaghetti jar.. Recycle!!! PERFECT.

  3. Perfect evil doxie gets da seal of approval!

    My mum is likes dat and hers gets evil when dad and da girl don't uts their stuffs back. She even thinks I should puts mt toys bask...whatevers!

    Da linen closet looks very organized...oh and I loves her polka dot jars.


  4. Great job of snoopervising. is so hap-pee dat her didn't find a place to put you two away in. If you see an empty!

  5. Wow, maybe your mom might want to come over here and organize our house. My peeps are hopelessly disorganized.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. she did a good job putting it away
    Happee New Year!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Hi my lovely ladies,

    Mommy needs your Mommy come and organize us.
    Mommy needs NELP!!

    Sorry Im haven't been over much. Mommy is still so upset about Shelby and Mona just mops around looking for her Tiger.

    You youas always........Weenue