Friday, April 30, 2010

We've been busy...

busy doing nothing! :)
Well, we have been busy hanging out in the yard and enjoying the sunshine. We're a little sad because it has not been as warm as it normally is around here for this time of year, but that's ok. It gets nice and toasty in the middle of the day and we love that!
Today there is exactly one day until our giveaway ends! Make sure you enter. so far only 3 of yall have entered... which is GREAT, but seems like more of you would want to try! That's ok if you don't though. We'll be doing another one in June.
Our Mom pulled back our her blue rolly-cart the other day... which can only mean one thing: she's going back to work. Mom teaches sometimes. She says that she teaches when teachers have babies and are out for a long time. She really likes it but one day she wants to have her own classroom. Milly wants her to be a stay at home Mom, but I want her to get a job so she can buy me things! I love new things! Mostly, I like to tear up anything she gets me. She says it's pointless to buy me stuffed-animals because I get the stuffing out in no time! I like 'em flat, what can I say? Milly spends all of her time running from me and hiding her new stuffed-animals so I don't kill those, too. She's so silly. What a waste of time! I always get them in the end! bahahahahaha!
Anyhow, I'm off to play in my yard some more... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Pictures

Me and Shelby! (I moved my arm too soon. oops!)
We were not "cooperating" as Mom said. haha!
Doesn't she look mad? She gives you that look when you annoy her.
I get that look from her a lot!
She was digging on the couch. Mom always asks her where she's going
when she tries to dig in the furniture.
Shelby's sleeping in the sunshine :)
Me (Milly)... I'm so cute!
Enjoying the sunshine.
Mom talking to me... about my toy obsession.
Pretending to sleep so Mom will get the camera
out of my face!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pretty Lazy Weekend

Well, we haven't posted anything since Friday because we haven't really done much. We just hung out at the house and in the yard yesterday and did pretty much the same thing today. We're really pretty lazy girls! :)
Well, we don't really like to blog without some sort of point, so we wanted to take the time to remind you of our giveaway!! Make sure you enter it! :)

Also, we thought we'd use this time to introduce you to our furry family.

Here's me (Shelby) and my Mama Missy.
Here's my other Mom with me, Mama Missy,
Daddy Sport, and uncle Bill Bailey (he's the fuzzy one).
Here's me and Milly with our cousin Izzy.
Me and Aunt Rose
My very sweet Aunt Lily

Friday, April 23, 2010

Millerson here...

Well, today Shelby is feeling a bit silly... so she's left the blog up to me! Tha Millerson. :) (That's what they call me, ya know... my name's Milly... but they call me Millerson. And MilMil. And Milly Mae. And Mil Gurl. And Mil Girl Plopper. And Sweetie Peetie... They make up tons of names for me. It's a bit confusing at times.)
Mom was in my face with the camera today. Don't I look thrilled? hahaha! No.
I finally told her she could kiss my rear end and walked off. :)
Here's Shelby sitting on Dad's legs/blanket.
She was being super crazy!
Look at her... silly. She's got her ears all funky and everything.
And they call me silly... hahaha! Shelby took the cake in silliness today.

So, I'm supposed to write a blog. I don't really know what to say. I guess I'll just remind you about our giveaway! It's really cool and I totally think you should enter!

Well, I'll be honest, the NFL draft is on and I am a Daddy's girl at heart... so I'm headed to watch the tv with Dad! :)
Have a weinderful weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exciting Giveaway

We just finalized our giveaway blog and posted it... however it posted as Tuesday's blog... so make sure you scroll on down and check it out!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exciting Give Away!!!!

We are so EXCITED to bring you an exciting GIVEAWAY!!!!! Yay! We are owners of some pretty awesome collars made by hand with love and care by our Mom's friend Mrs. Linda. One lucky winner can be the newest owner of one of her very special handmade collars. It's great! I got a heart one with red backing because I am a girlie girl and because red is my color. Mom has our stuff split up like that- mine is red and Mil's is pink. I'm getting off topic. haha! Anyhow, The point is it's really cool and you definitely want to get one! So, of course there are some rules to follow and some things to do...

The Rules:
1) You've gotta be a follower of our blog (Sorry... but we won't consider you unless you are!)....1 entry
2) You should grab our button for your blog....2 entires
3) You can blog about this giveaway, linking our blog in your post...1 entry
4) Make a list of 5 of your favorite things... 2 entries
4) After you do all of this silly work, you should comment and tell us which of these steps you've completed...1 comment total please... and that'll count as 1 entry

That adds up to 7 possible entries/chances to win!

Here are OUR favorite things:
1. Laying out in the sun
2. Sleeping in late
3. Visiting people
4. Bossing around Milly
5. my Turtle (Mr. Turt MaGurt)

1. Tennis ball!
2. Daddy!
3. Playing keep away
4. belly rubs!!!
5. water straight out of the outside spicket

Some additional information: the collar is for a small dog. It is slightly adjustable, but is made for small dogs. We're happy to ship it to you and will provide information about shipping, etc through email to the winner. If you have any questions that you don't want to post on a comment, please email us at our email address listed on our sidebar! We try to check it twice a day.

The giveaway ends Thursday May 6th. We will select the winner on the evening of Friday May 7th (through a random selection). We will post the winner on Friday May 7th before midnight, our time.

Have a wonderful, weinerful weekend and we look forward to your entries!

Mom and Her Camera

My Mom drives me NUTS! She's always following me around with that stupid camera and taking pictures! See what I mean? I've been taking modeling lessons from Puddles at we 3 doxies and think I'm doing very well! hahahaha

I think Milly must love to have her picture taken... she looks right
at the camera... silly sister. She should look away!
Not me! I rolled over and said "you can take a picture of my belly!"
The crazy woman even takes pictures of my "hands".
She just won't leave me alone. I'm just trying to rest and relax
in the sunshine.
Milly ruined this one... looking at the camera again!!
I got her to play along with me on this one. hahaha!
I think she forgot we had decided NOT to look at the camera!
Fine, Mom. If you'll get out of my face I'll look at you just one time.
ENOUGH already!!! I am not amused.

See my pain? She drives me nuts! hahaha


Does anyone know what happened? I can see that they posted a new blog but when I click on the link it says the blog no longer exists?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuck Inside... For a Good Reason!

Sometimes the grass just gets too tall. Does this happen to any of you? Well, our grass was getting too tall so our Dad had to cut it for us! He says if it weren't for all the weeds in the yard we wouldn't have anything... but, the weeds grow very quickly, so we have to cut the grass (weeds) alot! Our job is to help Mom pick up all of our toys and blanket out of the yard before Dad mows the grass. We missed one! Oops!! Dad was not very happy. He loves us though, so it's ok!
Here's our Dad cutting the grass :)
Dad is pointing out the "forgotten" toy to Mom... oops!
Dad is stopping the lawn mower to get the toy.
He throws the toy!
Poor, forgotten, almost ran-over toy :(


We are going to do a giveaway! Mom just told us we could and we are so EXCITED!!! We have a few things to take care of before we can do the giveaway. Mom says we need to link an email address on our blog so people can email us. We don't know how though!! We're trying to find out from someone Mom knows, but if you know and would like to help us out, we'd really think you were wienderful! Also, Mom says we have to put our button on our page. I made the button this morning, but, silly me, can't figure out how to put it on here! Grrr! So, once I get all of this silliness figured out, we will do our giveaway! We are so excited! We can hardly wait!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mom's Request

Hi! My Mom wrote a blog and would like all of you to ask your Moms and Dads for help for her. She needs advice about Milly. She didn't want to post it on here since this is our blog and I told her there would be no such talk on our blog! Anyhow, here's the LINK.

Been Busy

Well, we've been busy... busy being LAZY! We've been laying around in the sun and enjoying time with our parents. Here are some new pics.

Mom and me... hanging out on the couch!
Me in the sun... look at my pink belly. Mom made me
go on not too long after she took this picture.
Milly hanging out in the sun
Me... look at my "sweet smile" as Mom calls it.
Milly was not amused at Mom taking her picture for
about the 30th time that day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Daddy

Shelby posted about Mom. I'm posting about my DADDY. I love my Daddy. He is great. He loves me too. Calls me his Sil Mil, his Ma Mil, his MilMil plopper girl, his Sweetie Peetie. I love that Daddy!!
Kisses for Daddy!
cuddling with my Daddy :)