Sunday, April 22, 2012

Say what? Ramp?

This is the horribly ugly (and rotting) deck.

Not any more! Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) ripped it out!

And, they installed a new ramp for us. That's right. Just for US- the MilShelb!

Shelby's stuck. BOL!

Come on, open the door Mom. 

"What Mom? UGH!" 

Stop all that and play with me!!

Checking it out.

Wow! Nice job, guys!

Mom and Mil Girl (It was raining. We do not normally allow Mom to look so dorky, but they built this thing in the rain just for us, so we figured the least we could do was let her leave the hood on. BOL!)

Shelby- Queen of the Ramp

Mil at the top

Mil in the middle

Mil's done!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ginger at the Bridge

We are so sad that our furiend Ginger has gone to the Bridge. That is all we can say right now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dollars for Daffy

Hello everyone!
We got an email a few days ago... ok, eleven days ago... what can we say but that we have one super SLACK secretary?! Anyhow, the email told us about Dollars for Daffy. The Barker's Dozen is doing a fundraiser  for an awesome pup named Daffy who has not always had the best life, but is now in an awesome home with someone who truly loves her. You can read all about Daffy and see what we mean. Our emotional secretary had tears in her eyes when she read us the article and we decided we'd do our best to help out. Take a look!


Our Dachshund bench got an upgrade! He is now sitting in a cute little area created just for him!

Of course, we snoopervised this activity and demanded that Mom and Dad put it together! 

On a sad note- spring break is over and Mom and Dad will be going back to work. :(

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Help Needed!

Please go to the link above and lend a paw to Weenie, Mona, and their Mom. They are raising money for some poor little sick puppies!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yard Stuff

Mom and the biggest weed we have ever seen!

Me checkin' out the new plants... by stepping all over them!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fifth Birthday Part 3

Mil playing with her ball.

Havin' fun!

Action shot! :)

Mil and Dad

Another action shot! :)

Dad trying to get MilShelb to take a picture.

Mil didn't want her picture taken.

I did, of course! Me and Mom! :)

Mil is still refusing to have her picture taken.

Fifth Birthday Part 2

Fifth Birthday breakfast complete with eggs and a tiny bit of bacon!


Our presents!!

Checkin' out the goods!

Mil carrying 2 toys at one time.

Mil playing with both of the toys.

Me trying to kill the pig. Isn't that where bacon comes from? That stuff was goooooood.

Dad playing with us in our room.

Mil trying to steal my fox.

Fifth Birthday Part 1

These are our pictures of our last night as four year olds.

Our first moments as 5 year olds!