Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lily Needs Us!

Please take a look at the link below and if you's like to help out, please do. This pup needs our help! She has people who are standing behind her and doing the best for her. Every little dollar counts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer is SOON

This was me 2 summers ago... and I am excited to say that Mom has 8 days until she is out for summer!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Nickname Game

Sarge has started "The Nickname Game"!! We are so excited to join. Now, if you want to join in you have to do so by the 18th. If you have a slacker Mom like us, you'd better hop on it!!

Get ready for a long list!!

Both of us:
The Babies

Mil Plop
MaMil Plopper Girl
MilMil Plop
Punkin' Head
Sunshine Head
Milly Mae

Shelby Ann
Ann Wobe
Cobe Wobe
Cinnamon Roll
Princess Pie
Mama's Girl
Sweet Girl
Sweet Swirl
Pete Whirl

Mom and Dad tried to think of all the names they call us... but there are just so many. Really, this is what happens- Mom goes through phases with the nicknames. She'll call us something and then get bored with it and something else pops up and then that goes away and another new one gets thought up or an old one comes back. Dad, on the other hand, tends to stick to the same 3 or 4 nicknames for us all the time. It's less confusing that way. We never really know who on earth Mom is talking to! BOL!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

We love you so much. We know sometimes we do things to drive you nuts.
(Like Milly- with that stupid tennis ball.)

We know we have made you rearrange your life for things that are best for us.
(Like taking down the deck and putting up a ramp just because we were jumping off the deck.)

(And like giving us an entire room in the house because we were making such big messes everywhere else... and still are... only now we have our own room AND still have huge messes everywhere.)

We know, though, that you love us. We know you care about us. We know you put us first. We love you, Mom. 
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! 
Your MilShelb
Otherwise known as:
Mil Plop- Plop that Whop
Cobey Ann Wobey
MaMil Plopper Girl

And, our personal favorites (and most recent additions):
Mil Mooski
Sha Booski

Thanks, Mom. (BOL!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dad Works. I Chill.

Dad has been working in the house this afternoon. Tomorrow they are taking out the last bit of carpet from our downstairs and putting in the last bit of laminate flooring. 
Today I rested up for my snoopervising duties tomorrow and stalked Dad from the couch.