Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Butt to Butt

Let us explain.

We like to sit like this... with each other and even with our parents when we're sleeping in the bed. It's called "butt to butt".

 Close up of the butt to butt.

 Yes, I fell asleep with my head on the edge of the window. haha!

 Shelby chose a more comfortable approach.

So, now you know all about butt to butt. 
Do your families have funny terms they use? We have all sorts! haha!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trouble. That's Our Middle Name

MilShelb Trouble (Last Name Here)

Mom calls it being "trub to the bub." Who knows what that actually means... she just likes things to rhyme. We have figured out that trub to the bub sounds like it would mean real big trub but it usually means she doesn't really care. haha!

Ya heard that??

Yep! I heard it! Let's GET it!! (Now begin loud commotion and embarrass BOTH parents who happen to be in yard.)

"No no no," says Daddy.

"Get in the house. No more acting like that!" Says Daddy.

And we hear Mom from the porch, "GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!!" Talk about embarrassing...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Got a Surprise Today!

Sometimes our parents surprise us and actually are pretty cool. Today they gave us a GREAT gift! They gave us the gift of...

In the form of a pet door!

This is the outside view.

Hey Mil! Hey Shelb! haha!

Haha! Two at one time!

ps- Mom def tried to fit through here and DOES! haha! She said it is a good thing this come with a locking door on it AND that it is on the outside of a regular door- otherwise it would freak her out.

pps- We won't tell you how long it took for them to hang this door.

ppss- And we def won't tell you that they bought the wrong size door at first and had to go back and get this one.

oops. haha!

ps- Mom says to be fair we have to tell that Shelby HATES to go in and out through this thing because she doesn't like to use her face to push it open and Milly doesn't care because she pushes it with her front paw and walks on through.

Friday, June 24, 2011

We Had to WORK Today!

Well, we said we weren't going to work today... and we didn't. BUTT, we had to work here! Dad made Milly fix the garage door on Mom's side and Shelby supervised all other projects. We fixed some holes in the wall that Dad put (on accident-on purpose... studd finder broke bahahaha!) and we rearranged the junk in the garage so Mom and Dad can BOTH park their cars in there. We had a busy day.

Of course, we also had some time to hang out in the yard and enjoy the sunshine. When Mom got home we helped her water her plants and met a neighbor who was very nice. She has a goldendoodle named Sally and Mom is in love with Sally. She says she wants one. We say NOOOO!!!

Oh well, all work and not enough play makes us sleepy- so, we're calling it a night.

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Well, these humans can call it whatever they want--- but there is NO way we are going to WORK. hahaha! Plus, Dad is off today. So, we'll stay around here and hang out with him and supervise his working in the house while Mom goes to work... WITHOUT us! bahahaha!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Dad Rocks!

Our Dad will cuddle with us on the couch and watch tv. 
He's a great MilMil cuddler. 

Our Dad says silly things and makes silly faces. 
He keeps us all laughing.

Our Dad loves MilMil kisses! He says they're the best.

Our Dad mows the grass (and TONS of other stuff) just so we can 
have a nice yard to play in and house to live in.

Our Dad drops to his knees to greet us when he comes home!

He loves us more than anything and he love him sooooo much, too!
He puts us first and keeps us happy.
Mom says he is a good man and that not all daddies are like ours.
We think she's probably right.
But, all we know for sure is we love him!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!
Love, Your MS

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Dining Room

Our Mom and Dad are so PROUD of their new dining room that we told them we would share it on our blog. They worked hard this weekend painting. they painted the kitchen, dining room, and one of the bathrooms. We don't like painting because we we weren't allowed in the rooms when they were painting. Anyhow, here's the dining room...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Look-out Window

Here I am... sitting at my look-out window in the office. 

Shelby is NOT happy with me because she says I am hogging the pillow.

Me and Henrietta.

Ok. I scooted over so Miss Whiney Butt could look out, too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We're Back!!

We're back! More pictures to come... we just got internet back yesterday and Mom is still busy unpacking everything! She gets to do most of that since Dad loaded and unloaded the truck and did all the heavy lifting. (Plus, Mom has summers off and Dad is working all day every day like usual!)

So, hopefully pics tomorrow! We're headed around to check on everyone now!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Have An Impawtant 'Nouncement!

THIS is part of our NEW house! That's right, Mom and Dad BUIED us a house! We are so excited! We got to go see it yesterday and we will share more pictures very soon. Most impawtanatly, it has a HUGE screened in porch in back and we get to hang out there all summer. :) We love screened in porches. We are so excited!!!!

However, this brings us to our NEXT impawtant 'nouncement- we may not be on here for a few days since we will be moving and unpacking and all that fun stuff... like exploring our new yard and trying to trip Mom when she is carrying boxes! Yay! So, have a good rest of the week and we hope to see you around this weekend!