Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can You Believe It?

I KNOW there are TOYS in this bag!!! I know it! BUTT, Mom says they're NOT for me!! She says they're for my two-legged cousin, Noah. UGHHHH!!!!
Checking out the gifts.

THIS is for ME?! (Mom: No, Mil. It's for Noah.)

Mil: Who's Noah? 
Mom: Your cousin. You know who Noah is.
Mil: Noah doesn't live here.
Mom: He still gets a gift, Milly.
Mil: UGHHH!!! Life is SOOOO unfair!!!!
Mom: Stop being dramatic.

The Gamecocks Sign

We had two furiends ask (and figured more probably wondered but didn't ask) about the sign in the yard next to the mailbox that says "Gamecocks" from our last post.
Let us explain.

Our pawrents are PROUD alumni of the University of South Carolina. The mascot for this school is the Gamecock.
For those of you from the South (US), you know that football is not just a game. It is a way of life. A Religion. People believe in it. They eat, sleep, and breathe it. In our house they "bleed garnet and black". In South Carolina there is a BIG football rivalry. Pretty much everyone in the entire state picks a side. You're either a Gamecock (like us) or a Tiger (Clemson). Last night we played Clemson and won for the third year in a row! Our Dad was so excited we thought he might pee his pants. He hates Clemson. See, that's the thing, if you love the Gamecocks then you have to hate Clemson. There's no other way around it. True Gamecock fans pull for 2 teams- Gamecocks and anyone playing Clemson.
So, the sign in the yard is so that people know where we stand! It's a way to show our Gamecock pride. Go Gamecocks!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's That time of Year Again

You know the one. The one where the people put on weird music and put a fake tree in the house. Yep. That's the one.
This is our mailbox. All ready for Christmas. (We blurred out the house number, but there is normally a number on that thing.)

The little tiny tree on the mantle.

The big tree. (Now, remember all of these trees you are seeing are fake.)

Christmas presents wrapped from Mom's shopping yesterday. (Not a one with our names on it. We checked it out.)

The fireplace... excuse the pee pad.

Our stockings. We have the red ones. You can's see it from here, but we have our names on our stockings. Mom monogrammed them by hand for us.

How about you? Is it beginning to look like Christmas at your house?

We'll be working on making our Christmas cards for the Christmas card exchange later today! :) We're excited!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

So, yesterday our Mom (you'll NEVER believe this) cooked Thanksgiving! She made a turkey, stuffin', green beans, cheese-garlic biscuits, mac and cheese, cookies, and cupcakes. she also bought two pies (apple and pumpkin). We were SHOCKED! Mom does not cook. Like, ever. She doesn't really like to, but yesterday she was a cookin' machine.
Here's part of the mess.

Turkey in the crock-pot. Man, did that thing smell GOOD!

Here's Mom looking rough. I think she was getting a bit frazzled. She says she wasn't, though.

We're waiting on our turkey! (Mil looks evil. lol)

More mess (don't tell Dad. He hates messes.)

More mess. Mom says that she decided that it isn't really the cooking she dislikes as much as the cleaning.

Cupcakes just about ready to go.

Need some help, Mom? (Yum... I found something here on the floor to sample.)


Mom's dinner. :)

Cheese-garlic biscuits. They were yummy (so we heard. Mom didn't give us any.)

Lemon cupcakes!

They smelled delicious! And, Mom put gold sprinkles... bling bling!

We are thankful for many things! We want to say thank you to all of our Blogville Furiends. We love y'all and are so glad we have your friendship.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Hog Family Emergency!

So, our Mom has been gone this weekend (and left us with Dad) because her best friend was getting married and she had "wedding festivities" to attend. Whatever that means. To us it meant that Saturday (a day normally spent laying on the couch with Mom) was a day all alone because Dad was at work and then HE left us to go to the wedding. Ugh. Anyhow, when Dad got home (he got home before Mom) he saw that something TERRIBLE had happened. Shelby (that mean, rotten sister of mine) had gotten to Henrietta and... well, her stuffing was leaking! So, when Mom got home he told Mom that she would have to do surgery in the morning on Henrietta. I told Mom it just couldn't wait until morning... that was so long away!! So, Henrietta had surgery last night while Shelby (ugh, dumb butt Shelby) and I looked on. 
Here she is all fixed up. (She's balding.)

Here's a close-up. Poor girl. 

Here's Mom and her friend, Katie before the wedding.

Dad and Mom at the reception. Apparently a reception is where you eat and dance. We found this funny because Dad and Mom do NOT dance... and for good reason. They look silly when they dance. Mom had to dance with the wedding party though. We're sorry we missed that!

This is our Gma and Gpa at the reception. (There are our Mom's pawrents.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


We mentioned Marvin before, but we wanted to update you. We checked Noah's Arks Rescue website today and saw that Marvin is improving nicely. You can click here to see his progress. We are so glad there are people who will step up and lend a Doxie a hand when needed.

Marvin, we hope you find a fabulous furever home real soon. May it be filled with love and kisses and hugs. We know you deserve it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Veterans's Day

Happy Veteran's Day!

Lots of thanks to those who have served and are currently serving our country.

Remember, there are lots of awesome, pawsome furiends who are serving our country, too!!
Many thanks to them as well!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Little Yard Work Today

Today we snoopervised Dad in the yard. We've been telling him that our pathway pavers were way too buried... so today he finally went out and did something about it.
Here's Dad digging. He's almost finished.

Here's me (Shelby) playing the hot lava game! :)

Milly bossing us around from a short distance away.

Here I am inspecting the work.

Look how deep that hole is. We told him those things were buried!

Milly came over for a close-up inspection.

Done playing the hot lava game... on to really inspecting the work.

Good job, Dad. 
Now go get me a snack!