The Shelb

The name's Shelby Ann Cobra. You can call me Shelby. My parents mostly call me "Wobe" or "Cobe". I'm also known as the "Shelb" in "MilShelb". I'm a short-haired, silver dapple Miniature Dachshund. I am my mother's obsession... really, she admits it. I'm little and prissy. I always get my way and I hate it when other people try to have fun. I love keeping an eye on my yard and making sure none of those stupid squirrels are in it! I'm not much for toys, but I love a good fluffy stuffed animal- so I can rip it's stuffing out! I sleep in the big bed- no dog bed for me. I'm a mess (as my mother says). I get carried to bed every night and sometimes I even get breakfast in bed. My Mom says I'm spoiled... but she made me that way! I love sunshine and sunning my belly. I love visitors (except for squirrels, bunnies, or deer). Treats are my favorite- especially carrots!