Sunday, February 26, 2012



You'll NEVER believe what we just did!

We just went for a walk.

Now, we know this probably seems like no big deal to you lucky pups who get to go every day and sometimes more than once a day... BUTT, we don't get to do that!

We have not been on a walk since June when we moved to our new house. Mom says we are not very social (well, she has a point) and we don't do well when we encounter other dogs on our walks, so she hasn't taken us in our new neighborhood because there are TONS of dogs.

Today it is so nice that she decided to take us on a walk. We only saw one other dog and we did not bark at her at all. Mom was very proud of us. Maybe we'll get to go more often. Who knows.

We got to check out the neighborhood. Well, Mom says it was only part of it. She says our neighborhood is really big. We only went on 2 blocks of it. Poor ol' Mom and Mil were worn out... but, me, the Shelby Ann Cobra, I could have gone on for days! So refreshing!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Don't Often Do This...

We don't often do this, but Mom just fell in love with this pup. So, we're spreading the word for Robbie. You have to scroll down to see his info, but Mom says his sweet eyes are soulful and look a lot like Milly's eyes. According to the website, he is 2 years old and heart worm negative. Here he is...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mr. Chewy Part TWO

So, we ordered some goodies from Mr. and got our stuff in no time!
Mom came home Tuesday (yes, we realize it took us FOREVER to post this, but what can you do with NO fingers or thumbs?!) and Dad told her we got a box!
Mom told him to open it for us while she took pics.

Well, what do we have here?! YUMMY!

Smells DELISH!

We tried the yogurt and apple bars IMMEDIATELY! (Patience is not a virtue we appreciate.)
They were perfect!
We have eaten the super duper yummy mini bones, too.
They are fabulous!!

Mr. Chewy, YOU are PAWSOME!! We love you! We think you are super speedy quick and must have run our box here in super quick-like zoomies!
Thank you, Mr. Chewy! 
We will be back for more when we run out!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

Well everyone, we got this PAWSOME email from Mr. Chewy who asked us to do a review.Well, we had never heard of Mr. Chewy before... so we went and took a look at the website. It's a pretty cool place! So, Mom says you can't believe everything you read so we emailed back and asked a few questions. He answered and we agreed (after begging Mom) to do a review.

While we were at the site we found that they sale Blue Buffalo, which is what our super psycho about feeding us well  picky Mom feeds us. So we did our shopping and found
We like Blue and we have eaten one similar to this, but not this exact one. Anyhow we have to get the healthy weight because Milly is large it's always good to watch your figure.

Then we decided to check out the treats. And boy did we have some fun there. Now, again our Mom is obsessed with Blue so we got two new types of treats we have never had before and are pretty excited to try. 

We were very excited when we checked our email and saw that Mr. Chewy has already shipped our order! We just ordered Thursday night. They shipped it yesterday. This place is on the ball!

So, tune in for part two when we get our GOODS!

Also, we'd like to point out that Mr. Chewy is on Facebook and Twitter. Too cool... we're not on either. Our Mom is on facebook, but she says she's not cool enough for Twitter. We're thinking that makes Mr. Chewy pretty doggone awesome!

Another thing about the order is that they have free shipping on $49 or more and you know dog food is heavy, so it's nice that you can get it shipped for free.

Ok, ok. Now we're really going. Tune in for part two... when the food arrives!