Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Book Review

Now, you may be wondering how we, The MilShelb, could possibly review a book. We do know how to read, ya know! Plus, we can always get our Mom to read it to us. But- this book doesn't require reading!
Here's the scoop:

Title: SHAKE
Photographer: Carli Davidson

The cover looks like this:

Here is a sample page:

When we received the book we immediately wanted to look inside of it because of the cover. The cover is one that just grabs your attention! When you open the book it is full of photographs of dogs shaking off. The photos in this book are so funny! Mom and Dad laughed and laughed at the shaking dogs. Some photos have lots of drool and some have fur flying all over the place. Mom was talking about how cool it is to see what a still photo of a dog shaking off looks like. It is pretty neat. At the back of the book there is a note from the photographer about the process and a place where she has thanked the models. 

As you flip though the book you will see that what we really like is that there are all sorts of dogs. There are dogs in wheel-chairs, dogs with missing legs, dogs of all sizes, shapes, and colors. This book is so much fun!

Near the very end of the book there is a note about pet adoption. You know that is near and dear to our hearts. We believe in animal adoption (though we were not adopted from a rescue) and were pleased to see that 70% of the dogs in this book are rescues. We also believe in spaying/neutering your pets and we love that the photographer advocates for that. 

This is a great book that would make a wonderful gift for a dog-lover. Maybe you want to buy it for your pawrents! If you'd like to pick up a copy and your pawrents are like our pawrents, they can find it on amazon:
You can also find it at Barnes and Nobel as well as BooksAMillion. 

There's more information on the book's website:

You can preview some of the images on Carli Davidson's website: