Thursday, December 26, 2013


On the way to Gma and Gpa's house! 

Before we left we got to open our gifts from Santa. The pictures are blurry because there was so much excitement!

We got some great stuff! We got 2 Nylabones each, a bag of Greenies, a Minnie Mouse, a Fozzy Bear, a new Dachshund toy each, and some other odds and ends. :) Mom says that she and Santa must have a different definition of "good." Whatever. She's just jealous!

At Gma's we each got another Nylabone and a toy. Milly got a new pink puppy (thank goodness) and I got the crunchy brown cow toy that you put water bottles in. I love it!

We had lots of fun at Gma and Gpa's and Mom spent most of her time trying to keep me calm. I did pretty good, though!

Mom forgot my medicine at Gma's so after we got all the way home (1 hour and 15 minutes trip) she had to go all the way back and get it. She was super annoyed! 

Anyhow, overall it was a great Christmas! Mom even got this super cute sleep short that says "sleeps with dogs". We will post a picture of that later. We also have more pictures from Christmas at Gma and Gpa's to share another day. 

Shelby update: Shelby is doing well. She hasn't been able to wear the cone much but that's ok because (I) Mom has (have) been home. She figured out how to take it off! What an escape artist! Anyhow, her stitches are still ok and are the dissolvable kind. She hasn't even really tried to lick, which is great! When she has even looked like she was going to we stopped her. We will keep you posted. I am very hopeful that this surgery will be the end of this craziness with her anal gland. Poor girl!! 


  1. guys got lots of stuffs.

    And Shelby....good job. Weenie dogs can figure out how to escape anything, even a lampshade on their head. :)

  2. WOW WOW WOW you had a super bunch of pressies... We can tell you were having a blast... beclaws you were blurry!! Just as it should be!!
    SO glad that Shelby is doing so well.