Monday, December 30, 2013

Since Puddles Mentioned It...

Furiends. We, the MilShelb, are 6 years old. We will be 7 in April. In our (almost) 7 years we have moved 6 times. This move will be our 7th (if our house ever sells). Let us explain.

You see, our pawrents are (fairly) young. Well, ok, not anymore but they were when they brought us home. They were not even married or lived in the same home or even engaged when we came around... but they knew they needed us, for sure! So, when we first came home we lived with Mom and her roomie and 2 cats. Mom and Dad were both in college.

Next we moved in with Dad a couple of months after we first came to Mom's house. Then we moved back with Mom but in another house when she moved to a place by herself after her roomie got married. 

Finally Mom and Dad got married and we all go to live together and we moved to a different place (a house with a fenced in yard finally) and a different town (the town where Gma and Gpa live).

Then, Mom and Dad couldn't find jobs there so we moved back to our town after Mom found a job there. (That's house number 5.) That was a rental house, too.

Now, we live in a house our pawrents bought and were told it was our forever house... But not so fast. Because Dad gots a job where Gma and Gpa live now and we are stuck here with just Mom a lot. (Dad comes home randomly for a day or two here and there and as often as he can.) When the school year is over (Mom's a teacher-remember) we will all (hopefully, if the house sells) be moving into our 7th (and better be final) house together. Phew!

Lots of moving!
It's crazy! They asked us what we want in our next house and we said a big yard and a big house. We will let you know how they deliver on that request. 

In case you forgot how cute I am, here's one of me taking a nap today next to my Mom. :)


  1. Hehehehe...yea, I thinks ya'll move too much...stop dat, I can't keep up.
    Well, ya;ll does need to be closer to your dad, dat is very important.


  2. Our mom once said that she wished that every time our house gets Dirty she could just move to a NEW ... CLEAN house. BaaaaaWaaaah.