Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Good to be a Gamecock!

Our parents went to the University of South Carolina. (They're brilliant people, we tell ya!) They love the Gamecocks! Ok. Ok. Dad loves the Gamecocks more than any person should love a football team and Mom loves when they win because Dad is happy and a happier Dad is much better than a grumpy one. Last night the Gamecocks played Clemson. Now, if you're from around here then you know it's either USC or Clemson and in this house we detest orange. We all stayed up ( even Shelby- who doesn't give a toot about football) to watch the game together. As usual, Dad was hootin' and hollerin' and I (Milly) was making faces...
Here's me being concerned about the yelling. 
But it was all worth it because the Gamecocks WON!! Go Cocks!

By the way, I wonder who Puddles Duddles Rainwater likes... I'm betting it's Clemson. :(


  1. These people get nutty for football

  2. My daddy is a Chiefs and Mizzou fan! I think you are pretending to be interested perfectly!