Sunday, December 29, 2013

Having Fun!

Furiends. We can't remember if we told you, so of we did we will tell you again... We are selling our house and moving. We are excited! Did you know that when you sell your house you cannot be there when the strangers come to see it?? Isn't that just the strangest thing? I mean, Mil and me spend our whole day keeping strangers out and our Mom is just letting them in! She says people won't buy a house they can't see first. (This from the lady who moved us to Florida for a day to live in a house she only saw on the computer before she rented it...) Anywho, Mom takes us out of the house when these people come and we get to go to Petsmart. So, Friday that is what we did. We went to Petsmart and I (Shelby) pooted so bad I stunk up the store and Mom said she was "mortified". What an exaggeration! She was just embarrassed because people probably thought it was her! Uh, sorry Mom but I did just have an operation on my booty. Gah!


  1. seems like ya'll just moved into dat house. Oh well, I is sures there is a house dat meets your needs betters.
    Shelby, don't worries bouts da farts...I does it AAAAALL da time and I has not even had surgicals. I just happies you ia gonna be okays.


  2.'s got to go to PetsMart??? Hope strangers go to your house every day if it means anudder trip to da PetsMart!

  3. I love tooting all over the house before guests arrive. Anyway good luck with your new house