Friday, May 6, 2011

The Woberson Got a Squirrel

That Woberson (as we call her sometimes... and otherwise known as Shelby) got a squirrel today.

Mom was sitting at her desk in the office and heard Daddy scream "NO SHELBY!!" (Now, what you have to know about our Daddy is he NEVER raises his voice, so) Mom went into panic mode and RAN out of the house and into the backyard. She said, "what happened?!" Dad said, "she got it! She got it!" Mom said, "got what?" Dad said, "She got the squirrel!" YIKES!!! Mom was upset. She ran over to the squirrel (who was NOT dead) and then screamed at Shelby and then grabbed some gloves and scooped up the squirrel (who, by this time appeared to be dead). Mom was so upset she cried and Dad demanded that we go in the house. Mom took the squirrel out of the back yard and left it next to the trashcan (we think she is hoping the thing was playing possum and won't be there in the morning)... we shall see.

Anyhow, Mom is refusing to talk to Shelby and Dad has been fussing at Mom saying that it is what we were made to do. Whatever. I think the whole thing is funny and have just been laying around looking cute.

So, when Mom asked Dad why Shelby did that Shelby told Mom that Puddles' post dared her to! She tried to blame it on Puddles. What a joke! Poor Puddles getting a bad wrap for something she had nothing to do with.

AND, Dad said this squirrel must have thought he was in the clear 'cause we ran out the door and passed him running after a bunny... then we doubled back and got him! (Mom just keeps saying, "poor baby squirrel".)

PS- I'm supposed to tell you there are no pics because Shelby has been hiding from Mom and will only go near Dad and Mom said there's no way she's taking a picture of a dead squirrel.
PPS- Some of you asked about the door in our last post... it is of our Mom's classroom door and yes, she does teach second grade.


  1. Um... congrats Shelby?!?! It's that time of year and while you're bred to hunt, it just isn't that fun for us that need to clean up afterwards. Then the worry of rodent germs that could get you sick, etc. No more squirrels, mmkay?

  2. That's my girl Shelby!! We was bred to hunt down critters but my Mommy woulda done the same thing. You know Aunty Judy's Brooklyn killed and ate the head off a baby squirrel that Thanksgicing day. Now that WAS gross but betcha is was mighty tastey. Then she got mad when Aunt Judy took the body away from her. How rude was that!!

    Happy Mother's day my darling girls Mommy.

    Love ya.......Weenie

  3. CONGRATULATIONS SHELBY!!!! I'm singing that song..

    bum bum bum... another SQUIRREL bit the dust!!!

    I am so very much PROUD OF YOU!!! WAY TO GO!!

    I think your mom is just all green with jellyness... beclaws SHE can't catch one herself!!! I can't believe that she didn't take a PICTURE so you could have it FRAMED and hung on the WALL. Trophy!!!

  4. Wow, great job! You're dad is right, we can't fight thousands of years of evolutions!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Puddles would be so proud of you....she only got a chipmunk. As for me....hmmmm...I'm not much of a hunter. I'd rather just lay and watch the world go by. Does that mean I'm not a ..... real weenie dog! :o(

  6. Hi there Shelby and Milly!

    My name is Tessa and I'm a furiend of Frankie and Puddles and Oskar and other furiends too!

    I'd like to be furiends with you two also!

    I'm not a Dachshaund, I'm a Maltese but I sure do HATE squrriels! And I gots lots o' them!

    Come on over some time!

    woo woos, Tessa