Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Yourself Some Pages

Ok, so, it took me a little whining, but I got Mom to go ahead and give yall some step-by-steps for the pages. I'm letting Mom take this one over cause she's the typist and cause I don't care how to put the pages on there just so long as I have some... so, here's Mom:

Hello everyone!
Based on a few questions/comments on The MilShelb's post about their pages Milly asked me to please tell her friends how to get their own pages at the top of their blogs. So, this is how you do it. It's super easy once you figure out what you're doing. It took me forever because I had to keep messing with it until I finally got it right- but I was DETERMINED I was going to get it! :) Here are the steps:
1. Go to you "Dashboard"
2. Click "layout"
3. Click "add a gadget"
4. Click "add pages"
5. save your changes
6. Go back to your "dashboard"
7. Click "edit posts"
8. Along the top you should see "new post", "edit post", "edit pages", and "comment moderation". Click "Edit Pages"
9. Click "New Page" and type just like you would a regular post or however you want to do it. Make sure you save it and then publish it! :)

Hopefully these steps help! I got thrown off at first having to go back to the dashboard and go to edit post and stuff, but once you type the first on it's easy to get used to it. Also, you can rearrange the order after you make different pages if you want to.

Good luck! Happy page making!

~MilShelb's Mom, Maggie


  1. Thanks a lot for the info!
    I hope my mom will be able to do it without making a mess with my blog!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Very helpfull. Thanks.

    Shelby, Guess what? Sunday we're gonna spend the weekend at Aunt Judy's and she's gonna be pup sitting a 4 month old baby girl and shes a dapple. Mommy is soexcited to met her. And guess what her nane is? Yep Shelby!!