Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who Fights Their Fights?

Maybe you'll think this is a bit "deep" for a little ol' girl like myself, but my mom showed us the pictures of the pelicans in the oil spill. (You can go here to see what we saw.) We felt very bad for these birds. We have our Mom and Dad to fight our fights and assure that we have only the best. Who do these birds have? Supposedly, they have lots of people... but look at them. It's clear to me that they have no one. It makes me sad that they are going through this alone. It makes me even more sad that they have no one to fight for them. We need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. We need to find a way to help.


  1. I know, it just horrible ...we have to make it stop and help these poor birds, turtles, fish, etc. Sending all my thoughts and prayers to those suffering as a result of this crisis.

  2. Hello new friend sad...momma says bad words when she sees stuff like this
    Benny & Lily

  3. It's not too deep fur a girl doxie to think like that. We haves seen da videos and such and I'm not quite understanding why they ain't washing in Dawn like those Dawn commercials say they do. So, I'm wondering if they is some poly-ticks about it or if they is just not wanting to dart them. I'm confused myself.
    I'm hoping and praying fur da best.
    How come when I post a comment here it's always looooooooong?

  4. We have seen the pictures and videos and they made us cry.
    I hope they get help soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs