Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obedience School Drop Out

(This is when we were puppies.)

Well, that's what we are. Obedience. School. Drop-outs.
We went. We tried. We quit. hahaha

Here's the story:
We went to PetSmart to obedience school. Mom and Dad took us the first time. The second time Dad had to work so Mom and her roomie (our Aunt Jenn) took us. Well, it went horribly. We would not listen and the lady was obviously frustrated with us. (Mom thought that was very unprofessional of her.) Then, Mom is telling her something about how we refused to walk on a leash and would just sit down or stand and plant our feet and not walk, but if she let us off the leash we would walk right along with her. Now, Mom knew (and still knows) this is not s good idea. She knows us Doxies are very stubborn and have minds of our own and should not really be trusted off-leash. However, she was simply telling the lady that this was the only way she could get us to walk. The lady says to Mom (and very loudly and in front of all the other parents and puppies, I might add) "I would NEVER allow my dogs off leash. That is stupid. You should NEVER do that. I would NEVER allow that." (She continued to go on and on about how her dogs aren't ever allowed off-leash and blah blah blah...) Mom finally looked at her and said, "Well, it's a good thing these aren't YOUR dogs, then, isn't it? These are my dogs and I am doing the best I can. I came here for help. There is no need to raise your voice at me."
We never went back. Mom was so embarrassed. Aunt Jenn said she thought the lady was way out of line... especially to tell Mom that "that is stupid"... that's like calling Mom stupid. Now, Mom knows she is not rocket scientist. She also is happy to admit when she's wrong and when she doesn't understand things. Mom also is not an uneducated person. She went to college and is working on her master's. She's no dumby. She also does lots of research on things for us to better our lives and health. It really hurt her feelings that the lady acted that way.
When Mom told Dad about the incident he was very upset. Dad made the final decision and said, "we won't be going back there." Dad wouldn't even shop at that PetSmart location. Mom and Dad also talked about it and decided that they didn't really care if we could come when a clicker was clicked and that they didn't plan to "treat" us every time we did something right. They also don't care if we know how to "sit", "roll over", "shake", or anything else. They wanted us as pets and companions. Basic commands really aren't necessary for us to live together peacefully. We're just glad we didn't have to go back to that mean lady!


  1. Aww I'm sorry that you guys had a bad experience. However I will say that obedience training is more than just doing something when the human tells them. Its a way to keep the dogs mind active and a great way to bond with your dog, and keep them safe. I know that we never tried to do much with our oldest dachshund Bubbles,she hated going on walks and would do the whole "sit-down" thing,she would not "sit" unless on carpet she ate and slept all the time, without much variation. Not bad, but very boring for a dog, and she was becoming quite fat, which led to back problems. Which as I'm sure you know is HORRID for a dachshund.

    When I moved out on my own,I changed her food, and started interacting with her more, I taught to sit anywhere at anytime, I taught her to "come" on command and to walk on a leash. All of the sudden its like she's a new dog at 10 she's walking all over the place, she'd walk a couple miles at least where as before she'd only walk maybe 10 feet.
    She seems happier, and more relaxed!

    And we've bonded a lot more!

    Anyway that's too say,Don't give up on training, its important but can be a lot of fun!

  2. Awwwwe shucks, I had always thought your mum was a rocket scientist...darn.
    well as you know, I was kicked out outs of oedience fur trying to teach...haha! Around here where we lives hoomans don't take their doggies to obedience often...rarely I should say. I am fortunate cuz I do walk on a leash and really and truely know a few commands. Those commands are FEW I said. Howevers that being said they are commands I NEED to know fur safety reasons like come, sit, drop it. I see no point in rolling overs as it only serves entertainment fur hoomans. And I pawsonally think I am a well balanced doggie...I do haves 4 legs...haha. I find myself very bonded to my people without proper training.
    Now your training lady apparently didn't know squat about doxies...we will be trained when we want too. That is a fact.

  3. I say good for your Mom and Dad. Dexter does not do much training, he is learning to sit and wait to the count of five for special treats, and potty training is going pretty well most days. He decided he liked walking on a leash, but until he made that choice, nothing was convincing him.

    I would never use a clicker to teach my kids how to be good people, why should I use it on my furries?

  4. Ginger went through the PetSmart course in ALbany, NY and the teacher treated her like a princess (although Ginger still does not "sit", "stay", or any other command)Try the Cesar Milan dvd Sit and Stay the Cesar way

  5. hey mils and shlebs--so sorry you had to go through such an icky experience. but mum and i totally agree with your pawrents. and guess what?? mum walks me without a leash too. :) and she hates that stupid clicker thing.... :/


  6. Sure you had a bad experience.
    There are no Obedience Schools here. And I have admit that I am a very wild girl. But I am pretty good walking on leash!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. We had a leash once that had "We Don't Need No Stinking Leashes!" stamped on it. Guess what?! We chewed it up! hahaha Yeah, we don't like leashes either. So, Mom and Dad bought us our own dog park with ponds and fenced it good! But, out here on our road adventure, we've had to get used to leashes again. Uggghhh!
    Following from the Sat Blog Hop.
    See ya!
    The Road Dogs