Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Family Visit

Well, our family visited us last weekend. What a crazy weekend it ended up being. We did not enjoy having them here and we didn't pretend to be ok with it.

Here's our Uncle... Bill Bailey.

Here's our Daddy "Sport". 

Here's our Mom "Missy".

Here's our Aunt Rose. (Mom and Dad thought this was so funny because she is so big and the bowl was so little!)

Daddy Sport was obsessed with Aunt Rose.

Aunt Rose kept running from all the "little dogs". She's a big scaredy dog.

What a weekend.

Note from MilShelb's Mom: Rose is my parents' dog. Sport, Missy, and Bill Bailey belong to my husband's parents. It was so funny and interesting to see them all together. Our parents were all out of town so we volunteered to keep the babies. I ended up having to take Rose back to my parents' and stay there because she didn't get along with the others. Milly and Shelby were not happy about me leaving them. Poor kids. 


  1. Hysterical! We thought human family was coming to visit..BOL Hope you had lots of fun. Cute pictures. Mom had to buy me a big bowl cause she said I have a big head.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Fur some reason family nevers wants to stay at our house...hooman or doggie...he he he!
    If I was ya'll I would DEMAND extra belly rubs. I would say extra treats but weight gain on a doxie ain't a good thing.

  3. Hi! Nice to meet you!
    We will add your blog to our blogroll!

    Lots of kisses
    Rufus and Indie