Saturday, June 5, 2010

Special Edition: The Wildlife of MilShelb

Dad made up the title of this post. From now on whenever we are writing about the wild animals in our yard, we're going to call it "Special Edition: The Wildlife of the MilShelb". We thought it was a pretty cool name! :)
Anyhow, yesterday our parents were just hanging out in the house and we were out in the yard barking... that's nothing new, but every now and then Mom looked out the window to check on us. Well, one time she noticed that I (Shelby) was busy barking at something but it wasn't in a tree, it was on the ground. She ran out of the house afraid of what I had found. She was just sure it would be the opossum again! It wasn't though... it was a TURTLE! Now, I don't know if you remember this, but my personal favorite toy is a turtle. I have a yellow and green sea turtle named "Turt MaGurt" and I love him... so much that I ate out all his insides and bit his head off... When I saw this turtle in MY yard, I was just sure it was Mr. Turt MaGurt come to life to get me! I barked and barked at him. I told him to get outta here and leave me alone. He didn't move. He didn't even stick his head in his shell like he is supposed to. He didn't even care I was barking at him! How insulting!!
So, anyhow, dumb dumb Mom comes running out there and sees what it is... then she turns around and runs back in the house. I'm thinking, "good! She's getting backup! We'll need it." What does her dumb self come running out with? A CAMERA! What a dumby. I'm like, "Mom, how is that going to help?" So, she starts taking pictures of the turtle. In the meantime, Dad comes out of the house and walks over to us. He just leans down and picks up Mr. Turt MaGurt- come-to-life-to-get-me and carries him out of the fence and puts him in the front yard! The whole time he was walking with him Mil and I were barking and yelling at him to put that turtle down! We just knew he was gonna hurt our Dad. He didn't though, thank goodness!

Here's my proof...


  1. The Wildlife of MilShelb!
    I like the title!
    Sure was pawesome to bark at that turtle!
    Too bad your Dad took him away ending your and your mom's funny time with him.
    Kisses and hugs