Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost Summer Break!

It's almost summer break! We are very excited. Mom gets done working on June 4th. Now, she might get a job over the summer... and she hopes she does... but we'd be perfectly happy if she didn't. :) We LOVE getting to run in and out of the house and do whatever we want. It's the most fun!
Plus, I need someone to protect me from Shelby... she is just SOOOOOO bossy!!


  1. Poor poor Milly. I'm not to fond of my siblings trying to boss me around either...hehehe! That ia a most lovely foto by the way.
    Well, fur money sakes, I hopes your mom gets a job...more treats fur ya'll.

  2. in my case i am the bossy one milly. hehe. my brother weighs 100 lbs and my sister 50 lbs, but i don't care--my mere 6 lbs don't stop me from being miss bossy. ;)


  3. Awww...they love their Mommy!! It feels good!! Right now, I am Lucas's favorite!! :-D

  4. Hi Millie
    We would love to have our mom home for the summer. She gets a month off in July/Aug. We can't wait.
    Love Ruby & Penny