Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Is How It Is...

Milly walks around with this stupid ball in her mouth...
and I boss her around and tell her how dumb she looks.
Here's me yelling at her about how she needs to just put the ball down.
Here's me fussing at her. At this point in the conversation Mom always gets mad at me because I am being too mean.
Here's me trying to get Milly to drop the ball.
Here's Milly running away from me and to Mom.
This is my favorite thing to do... sun on my belly! :)
I just love the cool grass on my back.
ahhhhh... this is the LIFE.


  1. Oh Shelby you are soooo MEAN, I think that's whhy I like you so much...hehehe!
    Love the fotos.

  2. You do have the life, Shelby!! :-D

  3. Shelby, can I come and lay in the sun with you? It has rained here for days and weeks....
    I would love to do some tummy tanning ;o)

  4. hehehe--i love bossing my brother and sister around too. ;)
    awww--sunbathing is another thing i enjoy~!
    you two are adorable~!!
    i really like the picture of milly running away~!! :D


  5. If I were there... you would be barking at two doggies with a ball in their mouths! Haaa!
    Tummy tanning sure is great, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  6. I remember your other blog post about Milly's issue with the tennis ball. Was anyone able to provide any helpful advice?

  7. Hi Jen. No one was really able to help. She goes through phases. Right now she's not so bad... she is still obsessed with playing with it but isn't angry with us when we try to get it or hand it to her. I suppose it's just one of those things we have to learn to live with.
    Maggie (MilShelb's Mom)