Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Thing Is...

The thing is that we are now spending all day with Dad because Mom is busy teaching some kids while their teacher is out on maternity leave. Dad doesn't take our picture. I think he forgets... so we don't have any new pictures to post. However, I'll tell you a short story about last night and about how crazy our parents are...
So, last night (like 11:45) we were sleeping away... we sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad... and the next thing I know I am woken up by Mom turning on the light and Shelby making some weird noise. I am still not sure what she was doing. It was almost like she had swallowed something the wrong way. I asked her what was wrong with her and she told me to shut up. She's not so nice sometimes! Anyhow, Mom and Dad are all "aw Shelby... are you ok? What's wrong? You need some water?" Dad even went down the hall and got the water bowl for her! How stupid! She can't walk down the hall and get her own drink of water? She's soooooo spoiled! Anyhow, after they finally finished talking to her and apparently decided she wasn't dying we finally got to go back to sleep. I hid my head under the pillow in case they decided to turn that dang light on again... that's a way to really make a Mil girl grouchy... light right in my eyes when I'm trying to sleep! Grrrr.
Well, I am glad Shelby's ok though!! :)


  1. Sounds like it was scary!
    Glad to know Shelby is ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. oh my--siblings~! gotta love 'em....
    but yesh--glad she is ok!!


  3. Glad both you girls are OK. We haven't been around much since I went to the doctor. Never ever eat onions at all, Milly. Poor Shelby, maybe she had a bad dream or soemthing.

    Mommy posted my gift pictures becuase she did the text...Silly woman. Come on back if youm want to see whatm we wrote.


  4. We're so glad you are both ok. Mommies are the best about taking pictures of us.:)

    Teddy Bear

  5. I sees you haven't trained your dad well with da camera. My mum needs her Milly and Shelby fix.
    Anyways, I is glad your sissy is ok. My mum would do sumptin stoopid like know turn into a freakazoid.

  6. Glad you are all okay, though I agree that I too get cranky when my most beauteous sleep is disturbed. I poke my head out of my blanket burrow and give mom what she calls "the stink eye." Let that be a lesson to them! Hope you get some better rest today