Monday, May 10, 2010

Playin' Possum

Well, today was a crazy day!! There was a possum on our porch! We have a screened in porch on the back of our house that leads into the back yard... and when Mom got home I yelled for her to come and see! She came out onto the porch and there he was... a baby possum! He was a mean little thing! He hissed at my Mama! Then he played dead... or "possum".

My Mom thinks he was playing possum in the yard and I carried him up on the porch thinking he was dead. I'll never tell her the truth though!

My parents were trying to decide what to do and made us go back in the house. Mom was in her dress clothes from work so she had to change. So, while they were in the house they saw him from the kitchen window and he went to the back of the porch to hide... or so they thought!

Mom got on her jeans and Mom and Dad went out to figure out what to do about this possum. They started moving the stuff on the porch to get to him. We couldn't see them but we could hear them and it was very funny! They were talking about running away when they found him because they were afraid his mommy would be there, too... but she wasn't!... and NEITHER WAS HE!

So, they looked and looked but couldn't find him... so they let us back into the yard again. We used our little hound noses... nose to the ground... and FOUND him! He was still in the yard. I found him and scooped him up in my mouth and said "here he is, Dad" and Dad yelled "put him down!!" So I did. He laid down and played possum again... and Dad picked him up with a shovel and put him out over the fence.

Our parents left to go to dinner... when they got back we went out in the yard again... and there he was! So, that possum didn't even play possum this time. He just let Dad scoop him up in the shovel and put him over the fence again. We took him back to the back of the yard this time where the woods are thick. Hopefully he won't come back again. Mom says sometimes possums have diseases... so we don't need to play with him. He sure was cute though!

(Picture was deleted on original website.)
This isn't him... but this is what he looked like. Mom didn't get to take a picture of him.


  1. That is one stoopid possum if you asks me. Possums shoulds NEVER be around where there is a doxie...hehehe. I haves to say you is a brave girl and I'm very much prouds of yuo girlfriend.
    pees: my mum thinks they is cute little creatures.

  2. What a brave girl! I bet you weren't nearly as scared as your mom (or I would have been!).

  3. haha! Mom wasn't scared... but you should've seen my Dad! hahahaha!

  4. Goodness gracious, that possum wants you to adopt him, don't you see? He likes playing with you girls and he doesn't mind when you pick him up soooo I see a future with this possum, don't you? He sure is cute (and I always thought possums were ugly) so I think you should have discussion with your mom and dad and then adopt that baby!

  5. I have never seen a possum in pawson!
    Sounds like that one wanted to live in your house!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Your mom is right, but I know possums seem like fun...Oreo loves to chase the possums in her yard!! :-D