Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer time...

Sweet Shelby
LOL, oh Mil...
(Mom loves the "action shots")
hahaha! Milly will kill me for posting this... but I couldn't resist!
Milly :)
This weekend was a tough one for our Mom. She was very sad about Lily, so we were nice and allowed her to follow us around and stalk us with her camera. She was so excited about getting TONS of great pictures. She said we should post just a few at a time.

Mom has been busy busy the last few days. We're pretty excited because she had an interview on Friday and today. Apparently interviews are when you go somewhere and they ask you tons of questions and then if you win you get a job. Mom wants one of those things called "job" but I don't think I'd want one unless my title could be "receiver of the belly rubs". I think that sounds like a great job! Dad wants to be the stay-at-home MilShelb Dad. Mom says no. haha! Mom says that's her dream job, too though. :)

So, this morning Mil was jumping from the chair to the couch and fell off. She hit the ground and then ran under the chair. Dad scared her because he said her name real loud! Dad told us he was just scared for her and that's why he did that, but he NEVER raises his voice so she was startled! Anyhow, Mil was ok and Dad moved the chair closer to the couch... so we were both really happy about that! :)

Well, I'm going to help Mom make hamburgers for dinner (and secretly hope that she drops some)... Have a wonderful night!


  1. You both are so photogenic!! Great pics, as always!! :-D

  2. Fabulous shots!!!!!!!!
    We have been thinking about ya'll during this sad time....RIP lily.

  3. ZOMG--great shots. and the colours are so vibrant--just the way mum likes 'em~!! :)
    very cute~!! :D