Monday, May 3, 2010

Onions and Fussing

Well, I (Milly) did it. I got fussed at. Our mom doesn't fuss too much at us, but she was "none too happy" when she found my hole in the yard. Now, before you get mad at Mom for getting mad about me diggin' holes let me explain. She doesn't mind holes. Not at all. I can dig holes as much as I want (as long as it's not in the flower beds... and this one wasn't). So, you might ask "well, Milly, then why on God's green earth was she mad at you?" Well, I'll tell ya. I was diggin' up wild onions. I don't know if you know this... and I sure didn't... but apparently these wild onions (along with the not wild kind) are poisonous to us "canine creatures". Mom was not happy with me. She said "Oh, Milly! What have you done?! What have you done?! Did you EAT those? Did you? How many? How many did you eat???? Tell me!" I just gave her a sweet little grin... and walked off. She gathered up all the little onions on the ground and stormed into the house and told on me. She told Daddy. Well, I don't know if you know this, but Daddy doesn't get mad. Not at anyone... but especially not at me- his MaMil girl. So, he got on his computer and googled to find out what to do. Mom went out to look to see if I had been sick or anything. She kept trying to smell my breath... which, believe me... is something she normally avoids like the plague. She and Dad decided that it didn't really smell like onions so maybe I hadn't actually eaten any. Anyhow, they kept acting like I was dying. Dad even called the vet this morning to make sure I would be ok. They told him unless I was "short of breath" I would be fine. Well, I am short... but not on breath. So, I think I'm ok. Dad even took us with him to visit our fur family so he could keep an eye on me. I keep telling them I'm fine. I think they're starting to believe me!


  1. hey girl, it's all good. I get fussed at ALL da big thang.
    Your pawrents are freakazoids like mine too. Our vet is on speeddial too by the way.
    But, I'm really glads you is okey dokey. What would we haves done if yous got sick? Just can'ts think bout it.

  2. Oh goodness so much drama these humans can stir up. My Mom and Dad were the exact same way when I just happened to eat a portion of my rubber toy. Sure it made me throw up and stuff, but what's the big deal? Oh well. They just like the drama I guess. But we are glad to hear you're okay.

    Dottie, Alven and Flash.

  3. Don't scare your parents like that!! Not funny!

  4. hello~!
    thank you for visitin my blog~! i hope you'll come back soon~!!

    my goodness you sly little devil--hehe. i would have done the same to get lotsa attention from mum. ;)


  5. Milly!
    Please, be careful!
    Onions are not good for us!
    I hope you did not eat them!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Please, please be careful!:) I hope you didn't eat any onions.

    Teddy Bear

  7. Milly, us redheads have a way with the dads huh? I'm sorry you got fussed at.....not fun. Tell your mom that you figured if it was in your yard you could dig it up...right? Right!
    I am glad you didn't get sick.